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Radio i bill for laura this too far no to find out of comedy yo capital one credit card statement on the bill is she says ryan him getting married in each pay models disable money for my wedding garden in november lord is here at what you think you get married ooh no i think i'm gonna get mad and have i think i'm gonna have kids earlier than most people because i'm sort of abdul korea self you're doing it you're you're filling them twenty five minute which they he did it and often we'll come back here one second of he was on her we could carry who today for thursday on yourself get up front to see katy perry inside ninety four near the go jerry this is dead any time holidays as julia michaels disability car and just added guys kiss from go tango france you first seventeen she fingers hatchback chevrolet find i has fm conquest rules would have got the judge on the radio if you're a gamer and you haven't tried virtual reality at how he's game shack yet you need to get over there a sat i was at how his game jacked the other day with my daughter they had she had to pull me out of the blue there was so intense a lot i can't tell you how much i love they've got to locations no see.

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