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The ROY under that comes onto the strike maximum up to four Feis with a fast race as well, still causing. Far really writing very hard, but Harvey Claridge's eleven point, six seconds ahead of Blake, Blake is also played off to the tune of two seconds added up color. Wipro Callum Nola much pressure at the moment. Matt's cook, then there is trying to basically going to take tune onto eighty making tied through turns five, six, seven one wide Moscow giving it a good move suspects. Yes, she managed to Troy snake. He's way through. Infield section such the pace Kirk house. The last time I was fifty point six. So posing they got they had which was six seconds in around the live site in no way. Surprise. Bihar leads point nine. I had a blackout, so Moscow Cup to eight tenths pay, kind of wipe letty. Facing on soon Mexico. The new fastest as forty eight, three, nine, seven hundred number thirty toes down the number twenty. Now like the gap as two point two seconds. We will monitor that as they come through this rice. Now not long to go ready five ups ago, gully max, good. So ready really with Blake bed traffic to negotiate their way through backs cooks, getting his job done seventies prairie very tight, so you that Josh China, we've your way to trumping not looking to to lose any momentum. Harvey. Clarice still lead it out front that we. Claves in another pipes code Claridge and so cook, Calamar Brown, four, Jamie king, which Sam files seven Simon clouds team on the road Rossi Banham nine ninety launch. He's ten so far as you say about Simon tiles, the top modes team right at that he knows to be has four PB bites between him and his nearest Motorcity writer in the former Jason Pugh that's almost ten seconds down the road, and it must surely seem like a dominant motor team victory. Now from Simon current, Jamie king is headed countywide powerline happy over the line. So nine is now up to fourth place. Jamie came is not losing as many points. This is the critical state. Now Harvey Claridge as well away, but he called overtake anyone else. He's going to get any more points. Jamie king is just working further and further out and gating moral points. So they advantage is going to be lessened for Javy. King is going to be as much as potentially walls. FU three works with Harvey is leading fifteen seconds, ahead of of mice. Kirkman cook six tenths quicker on law, stop knocking me enough to cozy one suspects. Stranger things have happened in the pep. I won't you team race. Blake council still third, three seconds. Our headed Jamie king marks cook as lapping quicker than our because religious. Right. That's good enough. So Harvey coverage, unless he makes mistake argue, did yesterday has this rice done and dusted Jamie king? The problem Jamie's going is the moment the gap would come down to just seven points that would mean if to win them later on Jamie king would have to be second. And third and Jamie king. How second Jamie king would have to be no lower than. Swings and roundabouts. Shame you go crush on soft today. It's going to go down to the wire. He's lead from the majority of this year as king. He's all about whether or not you can maintain that later on. As we go into the final two laps, I think relies have to be now on the battle for fifth place with Sean whisker. Now holding off signed Calloway, bro, and Sam close. Both of them really hounding the number twelve who has really wanted this fifth-placed started the race. The twelve fifty one. Eight hundred m eight tenths getting Calamar center should have been issued as far as that is concerned, but no problem. Harvey coverage comes down towards turn five. Third time, five short. Six. Lookin, like he's going to pinch this championship today. If things go his way, which so far they are. Up towards the left left-hander down into the Ryton return. Nine, he's better traffic, join gets. He shouldn't have too many issues. RV Claridge is going to put a pig, ten, Jamie kings. Jumps charge as he takes the win. Harvey Claridge has done through across the line and a lovely wind fame second-place should be Mexico. He's just coming through the phone call. Now Callum more Brown or so..

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