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Just she just like changed their whole attitude to change the townspeople to. To being more joy, fall and I I really loved her so. Now she was played by Helen. liles which was, she was quite a bit older than me, so don't throw me back that far, but it still goes back a long way. Since. The bus that far. Up dragging me under the bus. That's. I love how much detail you guys are getting into your. Favorites so. This is awesome. Show I love it. Is Your next one right? Well, my next one is big old goofy. Name goofy. and He's if you see my picture there. I found what I wanted to find. This was at the Animal Kingdom. Brenda back in two thousand seven. We had Extra magic hours in the evening, which he didn't have very often at animal kingdom, because they wanted to animals to be to be calm in the evening and and so the extra magic hours was pretty much for Dino Land USA and they had this evening block party going on, and that's Sofi with their little princes, hat, and goofy and Sophie did this with her pigtails and goofy did the same thing and it was. On. It was perfect so. That's a memory from ever you know. And so and then the next year we saw goofy again. Maybe it chef or something and Sophie did the same thing and he did it again. Shell. Justify that I'm going to be wearing my hair in. pigtails, the entire trip wraps right uppercut braids going on. This this hair I have measured it. It says long as my arm. There you go! Along Great So those so that's my number five. We're already up to number. Five is goofy for me so. Well who do you got for number six sophie? Me! I've got Winnie the Pooh. There is nothing more simple than a pair of simple brains who likes honey? And he can have most of mine. Because I will admit honey. Just it tastes off to me for some reason, but I like it in T. A little. So yes, he can have most of mine. He does what I love it too, so if he doesn't want it, so y'all have some. Don't worry. I still saved half a bottle or yeah. Okay good. I have to give a nod to my my friend. Susan on, you know my friend Susan is a tigger fanatics since you brought up when I have to give the nod even though he's not on my list. Take our is a great bouncing fellow. Eleven. Well for my. I'm going to be going to the sewer. And going to be pulling out a rat named ramming. Go.

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