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Told you just a minute thank the door good evening I'm sergeant Anderson police headquarters what are the what they certainly move fast services the shake up call the police before you got here this is Riley yes we believe we found your broaches this it did you get the one that only an hour ago did you catch him out yet what I said not yet but we well the pawnbroker gave was a very good description it did I have a hunch it might be someone in the neighborhood or no no it couldn't pay this is a nice respectable neighborhood well anyway I like to give you a description you may remember seeing him around he's about five foot ten five foot ten Ronnie what he doing on your knees hi I'm looking for something blue lines how can you look with your eyes closed longer hair I'm looking for my hat thank heaven for that what's the matter with you he weighs about a hundred and seventy said as Graham I gave it to I know who it is you do chess wait a minute I can explain the whole thing I don't quite understand just borrowed it to just for a few days I needed the money I I didn't want you to find out there's no money in the Christmas clubs are no no I take that back but every week we all gave you yeah well I borrowed that through two okay sergeant I'll go quietly take me to jail well if wishes rally provides charges you Mrs Riley no no charges I'll handle this in.

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