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So a pretty good show today run on. On stock market loses for. So let's talk about what happens to companies again who fail to see the writing on the wall who failed to move who failed to make who fail to recognize that life is always changing. And failed to recognize that just because things are the way they are today. Doesn't mean that that's how they'll be tomorrow. It turns out that there are several eight retailers as a matter of fact who can't afford disappointing sales in at the over this holiday season. These are massive companies. We already talked about Sears Sears is bankrupt. They're they're going to shutter. The there's nothing about Sears. It's going to keep them open JC Penney as the same way. I remember as JC Penney was the place. We bought all that with you were a poor kid. You got you closed JC Penney. And it was one of the largest retailers, and they had great good close good-quality closed at a at a discount price. My momma did a lot of shopping JC Penney. When we were kids Neiman, Marcus. And the upscale JC Penney's right K mart bed bath and beyond all of these companies bed bath, and you be on may be able to save themselves, but Sears JC Penney and KMart they're dying. JC penny stock is under two dollars. I just looked at GE's stock if he has seen that that thing plummeted it apparently now hasn't moved in twenty five years, if you if you've been holding Jay's Aven holding GE's stock as a, you know, as a bellwether, you know, is one of those blue ribbon stocks that everybody blue chip stocks. Everybody wants to hold if you've been holding that thing for the last twenty years, you literally made zero dollars off of it. Plus the lost the opportunity cost that came with not being invested in something else. This is why I'm telling you, man. If you don't know how to invest your money, you.

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