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By soul of money and his could foresee your G. O. P. representative at least a phonic on fox and friends democratic congressional leaders have criticized the president for leaving them out of the loop if you're wondering where all the cold January temperatures are look north we are going to see a few bouts of that coming across the far northern plains over this next week that said no was sustained cold coming anywhere across the lower forty eight for any long period of time box we urologist Rick right America is listening to fox news hardly a breath the wind out there temperatures are colder were moderating fifty two my forecast high with brilliant sunshine all day clear skies this evening temperature will drop off pretty quickly mid thirties by ten o'clock hello thirty by Sunday morning with another week a wind shift line coming through north winds on Sunday at ten to twenty mostly sunny skies and a daytime highs still mild fifty four degrees weather pattern will turn more active toward late Thursday and Friday of this coming work week the four warn storm center I'm Mike Morgan it's the new year all of you have twenty twenty vision of your banking relationship if it's not what you need resolved to switch to bank of Clark County convenient locations in a full line of competitive digital and conventional products and service thank member FDIC when you're a global university that was founded more than seventy years ago for service members and working adults you need a name to match your mission university of Maryland University College is now.

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