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Dna preston ban dot com. Here's here's here's how we capitalize on the unknown so it was actually a state department. When i got my doctorate. They said well you got your doctor. They've been using us in terms of performing american music all of the world to promote american music. But when i got my doctorate and already knew my background in small business and entrepreneurship as professor. They said okay. Now we're gonna use you for speaking. They actually developed that business model. We just capitalized on when they started using us to do that. And budapest and then again in fiji and erebus were like. Why are we not doing that to be doing now. Meeting professionals international here. We need to bring that into our molly brought to speaking into That speaking model into our special musician model is well. Now we've got that model that works really effectively for us and then of course having award winning book on amazon you know thirty one cents to forty three countries. It's really helped us and other bought entrepreneurs and you'll see that in reviews with a big takeaway from it's really been in ordinance touch other people through this book and they the review said that were beating Many of while this is great for international business and blur glove. There's lot personal reviews in there too. I don't know if you've noticed that but it's her many it's actually life spiritual because of some of the things that we've gone through so it's not even there. Takeaways aren't even based in business. It's actually how we have maneuvered through life and so whatever that is whatever you take away from it we love to hear from you. We appreciate feedback on its joyful for us to hear from people that have read our experiences. Of course we hear your experiences Had internal compass making go to release. We come to an end. Any advice. business huat a delivery from independent into this venue sheet. I think it's really important Sheva most business owner. John entrepreneurs start businesses and they don't have a plan in place. There's no business plan. Most of eighty percent of jump into the pool and yet. That's not a good way to start any enterprise so my recommendation is to a creative business plan and make sure you have your marketing place. Make sure you understand your financials and if you don't understand there's plenty schools you'd get information on. Youtube is free resources out there and so take advantage of those free resources in get a plan in place it can be a simple clan but that way you can gauge you success of things that you need to change improve upon or take advantage out of course growth. You know The biggest part is educating. educate yourself no difference I mean that's going to help your internal compass guerrero Let's face it. If you're not educating yourself and like dana said the have a plan and sometimes as we know that business plan changes but you need to have that plan in order to know. They're needing a change. Your niche y. You wanna be in that marketplace. What makes you different from other people wide or gonna buy your product over somebody that has a chain of products in carts on lie. Why are they going to select you. How are you gonna find that niche for yourself creating a website that everybody can understand and get through and cheever numbers. Do not lie. Say you have to your numbers even very basic level. Even if it's a break even point yeah if you're if you're spending a thousand dollars a day and you're only bringing in two dollars a day. There's something wrong you gotta. You gotta look at your plan and you got adjusted so i have worked with a lot of small businesses. I work with small business owners all the time and i can tell you. They don't understand the numbers. Yes one thing to have a dream but you have to have the planned. Make your dreams. We always say if you're not up and running and making a profit two years it's not a business. It's the hobby and there's nothing wrong with that. Hobbies are awesome. But it's not a business and of course the biggest thing i always tell abel's learned to get your asking year. You have to ask if you don't ask you don't know that simple coming to the end of this initially Blessed to have you with a few in my show at the thing for us as well. We wish you the best in your family and your listeners mutt success.

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