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I would always see a better potential upside for him than reports for some reason, I just reports L is like quintessential fourth starter for me like a very good one. Most teams would kill to have as for starter or even their third but for fantasy. There. It's just like, okay. Twenty four percents strikeout. Ring last year. Cool. Eight point seven percent swing strike rate or some fraudulent stuff there, man. I just don't buy it is gonna go back down to twenty twenty twenty one percent. So it's just a no for me. I did when when he was a tiger. I did think he had a lot more upside. And I think he started a tap into that. I thought that was more than this. But he did jump a level. What the Red Sox and credits him for that? But he actually lost ground ball aspect to become more bit of a strike out guy. But now, I it's it's a no for me. I pass on him late. I go for I'm trying to think of some of the names that would be in that area. Like, even like, Josh James. I think I would go for over him. And we don't even know if he's going to have a starting job yet. Right. You know, stuff like that throw in there. Yeah. I I think I think I'd go for somebody like I liked what he was able to do with that sheriff. I think I'd go from more of a guy I liked to clown cow gifts. And I think there's at least more of an upside it luck. If for you know, so proud of you. Go another guy who's kind of in that crusty veteran Brown, but that I would prefer because I think there's more upside to him it'd be like Jose condone a-. Sure, how taken Tana over Portillo aside. Just don't have a good vibe on Portillo. And so he's an easy pass it forty. Let's move on next up as we get into the last ten here. Forty one through fifty. This one's probably for some reason. I thought you were higher on him. But I I missed I miscalculated on thought you were like big Shane Bieber. Top forty type you said you had him in your fifties, though. The market is excited about Bieber. Holy to Lido forty second starting pitcher for the next Michael Pineda. Well, well, okay. So they see the twenty percent came is walk rate, and they see three twenty three fifth and they go. Well, here we go. Now, the problem with with Bieber is he does have his electric slider that he hasn't even quite even seeing the potential of yet. I don't think he's not using exactly right. Quite a money. But right, and he's not overloading with it, which is annoying. The problem is that his fastball is really mediocre. What he now he's a Cleveland Indian? We don't have anybody with everybody. I think like drafting or trading for this. This is what they do. It's like an market inefficiency that they see. Right. But the thing about facile is that he gives it so much and you see three fifty six Babb and a lot of people go that has to come down. And then might those with this thirty, but it's not going to be anything like a two eighty or anything close to that. Bingo. And that's the problem is that he gives in so much. Now, the good games that he had last year was when he actually had a least two walks a disproportionate amount of games two or more relative to one Walker. Fewer were better because he wasn't giving in. He was nibbling more around the plate, essentially him and clever jer need to make a baby and that all my it'd be the best pitcher learn from each other because like I've been saying this in lockstep on beaver it because it is the Pineda. It is the Jephson Marga thing. Stop laying ninety three even the ninety five mph fastball is straight as narrow down the middle on a three one count. You're gonna get clubbed. Just walk the guy. And reset. You're good enough to get out of it. You can strike out the next guy or you can get get an out with the next guy..

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