Olympics, United States, President Trump discussed on Bloomberg Daybreak: Asia


Olympics and the very last minute he said you're dunga yeah he says the us is looking proposal it of course it also depends on north of the north's possible actions and this seems to be the first day of the twenty 18 midterm election campaigning in the us and it's on the back of the tax overhaul passage the mood let set it here's a president always a lot of fun when you win if you work hard and lose that's not acceptable now and the democrats well minority leader chuck schumer from the senate today's passage of the partisan tax bill officially cements the republican party as the party of the wealthy and the party of big corporations against the middle class and the working people of this country so boomers kevin surly says this is a rallying call for democrats big win for republicans on reforming the tax plan but the work is only just beginning for them a democrats are very much united in their opposition against this as we look ahead to two thousand eighteen midterm election running japan's lax controls over its domestic stock of ivory encouraging trade in illegal ivory the world wildlife fund says antique dealers are buying large numbers of elephant tusks in japan that are not registered as required by law global news 24 hours a day powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than 120 countries in san francisco i'm ed baxter this is bloomberg ryan thank you very much ed bloomberg daybreak asia is brought to you by grassy and company if you're a hedge fund ria or broker dealer called grassy in company financial services professionals at two one two.

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