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Customer. You're paying that thirty percent on that on an app that you're downloading or you're paying for and i think that i think there was If you wanted to do something. Back in. October or november There was a disclaimer. That some company. I forgot the name of the company they were basically saying. Hey apple is charging you this thirty percent. So we're gonna pass the cost onto you and the people. Oh apple was not too keen on them. Exploiting you know their business practices so now currently north dakota bill as come it did not pass and now you still. They won one battle in north dakota. And that's how they do. Business north dakota with apple but you still gotta deal with arizona. Gotta deal with georgia and then if they win. I'm pretty sure it's gonna be It's gonna go to the supreme court. I'm pretty sure it will get appealed and and one of those scenarios that you mentioned was with a game fortnight right so fry had an integrated a payment system and they were like look. I'm not being apple. Thirty percent of my revenue. I made the game. I put it on the apple store I should get the benefits of that alpay. You alot toasters fee and this is the important. I cut me a sam but they try to subvert the apple payment system and next thing you know apple pulled him off the app store. That's worth some of this originated and it was such a huge story because four. Obviously such a huge in popular game but I i don't know if this has many legs. I gonna make a little bit noise but again i don't know if it has legs because again it would be so difficult to unwind and and peel back the onion in terms of how they hold apple. Legal system is built. How it's all made now. I think it would be easier on the on the android platform right just because again you can you can easily slide load apps right. You can easily have multiple other payment types of platforms and things like that. So i think it's going to be an easier discussion to allow something like this on the android side as opposed on the iowa side. But it's an interesting story to to see and again look everyone got. They're doing things and people are paying for. Get get money get you. I look i agree with the whole whole thing from that thing is i think it's hard because like you said if you build something and then you're like hey i want to get it out onto as many platforms as i possibly can to get you know. A a huge audience got to play by their rules. Yeah but you know but unfortunately it's like hey you're taking thirty percent of my cut. You know almost like the record business you know like you signed signed that deal is better to go independent. You know. But i get it. Apple and google playstore trusted places. But i mean there's people who say hey we're not on as other apps that are created harder for them to be trusted where you get into that billions and billions of users of downloads. Or you can get one hundred percent of that cut. If you go through google if you go through apple you gotta pay their. You gotta pay to play different. If you signed up. I it's like no different..

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