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Hi i'm carrie. Ann olas creator and host of jury. Duty the trial of robert durst for the last couple of weeks. We've had some issues with our sound mixing. Her music levels have been too high relative to the dialogue in the podcast. We've tried to address each and every one of those issues. And if you remove the downloaded episode from your device and then reload it you should hear the audio in its proper calibration. We apologize for any inconvenience. There are some areas where the quality of the recorded audio is beyond our control. We have attempted where possible to clarify the content of that audio to those of you who offered constructive commentary about the issue. We appreciate you carrying enough to weigh in and now without further ado. Here's our latest episode of jury. Duty the trial of robert durst. She had decided to follow and be much apart. She could of the adaptation of book to the movies. She went out to take l. a. By storm joey bound gold. Another writer was the maid of honor. Lorraine newman had hosted a wedding shower through and it was a spectacular. Bob was there. Of course he walked. Susan down the aisle she also returned to the subject that was near to her heart and always seemed to prove successful. And that was las vegas. We developed a routine. Whenever i'd come to la. I take her out to lunch. Nate nells we would go there. I would order like enough food for me for her. For two or three dinners we would cover the table with food. She would eat little and we pack it all up and take the leftovers back. I just come back from la and the phone rings. And it's her agent and eases. Look i gotta tell you something Susan berman was murdered. In fact i was so incensed. That i found the investigating detective and i said look. This is who i am here my credentials. This has nothing to do with the mom said. Yeah we figured that out. Welcome back to season. Two of jury duty the trial of robert durst host carry anthony's as reported in our bonus episode on sunday the jury has begun to hear testimony from witnesses called by the prosecution already in the first two weeks of the trump proceedings. Tensions run high in the courtroom with verbal attacks from the attorneys being volleyed from side to side. Later in this episode. We'll discuss the news from the trial for now. I'm joined by my co host brittany bookbinder to discuss our latest segment on the life of susan. Berman the woman that robert durst is charged with murdering britney. What stuck out to you about our last episode two weeks back on susan berman's life first of all. I think it's striking that after losing her parents and going through this horrible depression she suddenly. Has this creative surge and seems to find her voice with that piece about not getting laid in san francisco which by all accounts was satire. According to her friends she was unqualified to write. That one. right. Yeah i mean. It's no wonder that launched her career. It was basically click bait before there was click bait. You know that's a great way of putting it actually. It did occur to me that there's almost a greek tragedy quality that susan berman's life and specifically in the span of about two months. Susan experienced the incredible high of robert durst hosting a book. Party for her memoir. Easy street that was in november of nineteen eighty-one and then if the prosecution's case is to be believed just over a month after that she helps bob durst cover up the murder of his wife. Kathy yeah that's a great point. It's like she made a deal with the devil you know as you say if the prosecution's case is to be believed bob does her a favor throwing her the book party and then when he calls in a favor she's got to pay the piper. We'll hear more about that. And how everything went downhill for susan in third and final installment on susan berman's life once again we'll hear from susan's friends. And sometimes we'll hear from her in her own words as written in her memoir easy street the true story of a mob family and is read by actress. Alanna zana's that's coming. Up in this episode of jury duty trial of robert durst right after the break in part to in our series on the life of susan berman. We heard how susan hit her. Stride is a journalist and author in new york city one month. After susan celebrated her success with the book party kathy durst. The wife of susan's best friend robert durst went missing los angeles. Prosecutors.

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