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He tried to close up right there. That's real dumb. Well, arguing though, you know, how they go four point look if it's a ten point game and you want. That type of situation as long as he doesn't swear at the referee. I don't mind him saying something to the ref about call long as you ain't cursing at that moment, you can curse him in the first second third fourth quarter. Just not at that moment. You know, you you having a conversation with him that may be animated in refs take it in. They put the game in their hands. That's something. I don't like a little situational awareness to and understand that may not even gonna give the ref the chance to put the game. Got enough skids on the wall man, quite. That's real. But it didn't meal. The author of the game. That's the only thing push back against that didn't cost in the game. All right. Certainly didn't help their cause. But they gave the game away when he stopped being aggressive go into the paint and selling for threes when they had do was the one with the the locks can afraid when he when he's running up and down the floor and Dunkin all in the paint and leaking out and stuff. That's when they built their lead. They weren't hitting threes before they only hit twelve threes entire game. They built a lead because they're being aggressive go into the pain. And then wants to get the lead. They started shooting threes Gerald green who's oh. For eight off rivers one for three James harden to ten that's how you lost the game. Not because he got ticked off at the Ravin gave to t that's two free throws up on nineteen points. So good news for the Lakers. Now, they win last night. But Sacramento loss to Golden State by a basket one twenty. So they gain a full game on the gangs, the the clippers didn't play. So they gained a half game. They're Draymond green said something after the game that the warriors and the kings have played each other four times this year, and they've won all four the games, but only by a grand total of twelve points. And here's what Draymond said afterwards at some point. It'll definitely be both of us in the playoffs. It may happen this year. They're right there. Maybe not we'll see. But it's coming soon. I mean, he he's a get it. They've played some type games with Sacramento. But is that really the next team in the west is that what he's getting at? Or is that just another? Ause right next to them. It's right there in try. They've been trying to get that Golden State cycle mental thing going for how long since probably says fourteen years they haven't made the playoffs saying psych Ramento Golden State never have time. They haven't with whoever was there. That's Golden State was terrible. Then Beatty wasn't there and Golden State no him Jackson around the time. When they beat the Dallas Mavericks where the first round championship tiny. I'm saying was psych Ramento good. Because how close they were. But they were never like threats into west at the same time when that's kings team was really good. Their rivalry was with the Lakers. It wasn't with the warriors. We're not good. Yeah. Yeah. Warriors best around like, Joe, beer, carols grandson. Right. The the kings to dream house point heavy back court that's coming around. But he'll give you twenty shooting. Forty seven percent from the field daring FOX prize gonna win most improved player..

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