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I'm back with another episode. I have to. Forbade decided that. This is just not going to be a consistent So. Let me say I was just happening. So I yeah, working a new job. I could work from home great. And On the way, I needed to get a test kits for like. A mouse lab or something. Client. Oh. On my ways, my friend's house to pick up just tested that she has. and. I. I. pull. This Mariano. And I think like my mind is still go to. Last year. Weekend. and. Body. all that thing happened and I was talking about I don't know rape or not because I was job. Why wanted because. I was drunk but he knew he was. Like Movie One me because I was drugs like it's like. was. I raised it was he tried to I. I was confused about what the caller. Any who? Is More handles Oh is, is this I am I nervous how 'cause I remember member? Like certain details about where I was that. Every time I see like. Kind of building a parking lot prepare way I'm thinking lab oh and my. Kinda. Off Route going back Red House drive around the block. It wasn't it wasn't the same thing. But. Yeah. So now I just want my friends place. Right around with hole. Somewhere. I can kind of track down where. I ask. I'M GONNA. Why am I doing I was thinking? That's my. Doing. It happened and I got an apart- hassle talk about. Situation asked about like. Maybe people could say that I was that I wasn't. I wanted to. But because I, some other people were saved because I was drafted. It was great because I can't consent when you're drunk. I'm Kinda wondering could that be suggested by? No? That is what I want to do at the time. Like I don't know if. They're to blame somebody else for taking advantage of what are already known that I wanted. So. The yes I'm trying to find. This place right now. Just for my clarity I don't know why I'm doing this where I'm going there's no like I'm GonNa go to the. Apartment, and. Knock on doors. I don't. Really have much a motive. It's just something I want to do since it's on my mind so I can just like go check it out. See if that's the place it's not then we'll go home. Go to every hole from. But Yeah. I also yeah. That's another reason why I wanted to start this episode because I remember seeing opposed And it was of this girl who was crying a mad about her ex boyfriend's. You love. I think he said like you've gotTA. But she basically had her exit. Accents on my his friends run the train on in a few months prior to her. where she made a video crying about what happened. was basically both about it on facebook or Whatever lives? Talking about how you know yet renna train on me. And it was good. They took me out to eat afterwards..

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