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With a knife. Deputy say the man who was armed with a knife sat in his car parked outside the central kitsap regional library in silverdale, and he refused to move. After several unsuccessful attempts to get the man to leave the car, a deputy reached into the vehicle and grabbed the knife when the man was distracted. He was taken to the hospital as a precaution that standoff also led to a brief lockdown for one class at central kicks at middle school, which was inside the library at the time. In the past, the smokey point rest on I 5 north Everett's been closed as a way of dealing with it being overrun by the homeless. Drug activity garbage damage to the grounds is returned we're told so bad that more closures for all travelers is possible once again. People who regularly drive the I 5 quarter don't want to see that situation repeated. This place got pretty dicey there for a while. So it's not the right use for it. State patrol and wash dot came up with a plan after the last rest stop closure that included partnering with outreach groups. Volunteers of America, western Washington is now taking the lead to connect the homeless campers to services and eventually housing. Housing and I've actually already got job lined up and everything. So it's actually been really, really positive. There are still enforcement measures underway, troopers try to check this rest stop during each shift reminding people of the parking limits just in case there's a concern that this facility is being misused. It's a ten here northwest news radio. Saturday morning edition. Let's get to South Africa speaking of sad or day here. Big plenty sports desk. Ben's college hoops on

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