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This is a prepaid collect call from an inmate at tell fair state prison this call subject to recording and monitoring to accept charges press. Thank you for using secures. You may start the conversation now. Labor Day two thousand was a pretty normal day for buddy. At the time. He was working two jobs at the WalMart and the Burger King. But he was off that Monday. His Jeep needed a new starter? So he took Christie's car out to Brunswick to the auto parts store out there. Cristie Kerr took Christie's over their way back. I had a store restaurant. That was it. It was a normal day. Just like any other day, and buddy. Didn't remember anything truly remarkable about it until he heard that night that had been killed. Six months later on March thirteenth two thousand one but was brought in for questioning about the murder. The lead investigator for the Glenn county police department was this guy named Tommy Tindale. Immediately started the end, you know, that had something to do with my dad believes, you know, my dad was making all these accusations that you know. Oh and come to find out. Fishing, all everything was lies and all to this day. I will. As far as having to do anything with. Anything with the investigators told buddy that they just wanted to ask him some questions, according to buddy, he waived his rights. He thought he would answer the questions and then get home, but the interrogation kept going and going and he was completely exhausted. Chris. What happened? Why why? What is gonna happen to my wife and kids? Instead of one talk to this. You know and charting which I should have. At home. And I'm so Kristie every night. I was scared. God knows. I was scared me and Chris Ate up all. all night. Because too much Hollywood really I was really expecting to come the front door and throw me out arrest me. So I had. Deal. Especially when you're not guilty of anything. They never showed up. So I go to work the next day. Yeah. Like beta. I guess they had been searching had been searching my wife's car. So when officers coming up on her. My wife's car to come out the house from around the house, you know, so forth. So when I get there, they ask searched my chain. So they win I the house again within they asked me to go through the county sheriff's department. They took my wife cars fan victim was all my wife. Wife's car. Thrilling gotta be. This can't be real fabric during this whole winter Gatien repeatedly asked to go home, and they kept on telling me. You can't you can't we can't let you big deal. Because I mean. With buddy, we know you did this. You know, what we what happened? What have? Yes. You know, I wasn't. Then according to Betty. One of the interrogators told him something that chilled to the bone. If you don't tell us exactly what we have to hear the same thing that happened. And Robert the same thing..

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