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In the winter i think we eat more ice cream in the winter than anywhere else but that's not my question i wonder how many people still get iced coffee i still get iced coffee but it's not to be cool or not to be i i skopje's different than how coffee i like iced coffee more than hot coffee so i still get it but now i i used to walk and drink it now it's i have to drink it in the in the establishment that i really do leg iced coffee who still gets iced coffee in the winter i don't get iced coffee in the summit a cool me down the temperature of the coffee actually has nothing to do with the temperature outside in fact the something the bothers me about getting hot coffee in the winter going outside because of a hot coffee and super who temperature supercold temperatures i i don't like it i'd rather go with little iced coffee in the winter and in the summer hot coffee is all okay do because it makes you sweat and when you sweat it kinda cool sit down who among you still drinks iced coffee in the morning i mean in the winter here's a little disturbing to me that cost coffee cost almost three bucks a grun day regular all iced coffee 3 bucks and i know it's only three bucks but 3 bucks for cup of coffee he hit a bag of make it yourself what is it cost 25 cents yet here i am going on and and every day by anna coffee i did buy my lottery tickets and i did not win i did not win anything did not get any numbers i never get any numbers as pretty sad i was as kinda sure that i have feeling this is going to be the big one methacton gone i'm still closed on a new condo based on my optimism of winning the lottery and it just didn't come through and i.

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