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And some help walk one eight innings swinging amiss here by bruno evens the count a two and two jordan hicks it's the final inning of that game for the cardinals they blanked the pirates five to nothing eric's right is arriving here's the pitch logo three three and two got a couple more votes you have to wait looks and sounds military couple of them little over for the folks here today right it goes with two outs three to pitch popped up on the field we're gonna play tricks racing after it opened its third basement juggles can't hang on drops the ball almost directly behind the play that went was playing having all the way and opitz cannot hang on added in his love but could not secure it at brunel as renewed life would be count still three and two two outspoken he will be running again for first base the cardinals winning it's more pressure on the brewers who are trailing in chicago to the white sox cardinals came at four and a half games back of the brewers vote he takes off pitches swung on the left side and threw for so boaty takes full advantage of the extra chance to swing the bat any singles to left fielder pinch hit single putting two on with two outs for victor carrot who was just worn out the sky sox this weekend like he did last year teeny one for two today with a walk six for thirteen in a series and other single for the cubs their fifth of this game betrayal to nothing here on the eighth tuning taylor davis is on deck bertini is at the plate switch hitter batting left handed and ask your wants to talk it over with his catcher christian beth uncork who heads i'll be joined by second basement nate orf there's no error on the board right now for opiates and i wonder if that might change if i run comes in tough play with the wind and all that i don't i don't think that's an air i self but how did it in his glove i mean that's the one argument you could make the wind just was all kinds of tricks hana beth core back behind the plate the pitch is a strike security hopefully we don't have to worry about that.

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