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This is what i have heard births uh as well but there are a lot of people who come to portland by go to the convention center the convention center on the part of town of the convention center resume can be completely isolated from the rest support one because their hotels nearby and it's where a lot of the kind of garbage jon rahm fastfood restaurants are so you can go there you can attend the event sleep in your hotel got a red robin and never see the rest of portland you can be on the sort of sort of like little selfcontained part of the city and apparently it's very similar four austin during south by that so much of the city is not even really in walking distance of the austin convention center or 6th street all right averts albright for all other stuff i'm and i like i noticed that will last year but i went to south by i ended up staying a couple of extra days on i took a walk two sold flow or whatever its call you know the every city has therefore ladder neighborhood it right um do you know what i am referring to no live in the hers is out on the other side of the river sugar like uh i haven't heard it called that but you know whatever it's it's like so south congress so co ran out south congress arrigo sure on and i took a walk of barron with like this is this is completely different biked up the part of the city that the convention center is am feels like a shopping mall and it's lose like the paf chains across the street right but i like this is one small part of this giant sprawling city like i really wish i could just come here another time and just visit the city the city seems really interesting so like i was just scratching the surface we very deliberate lady blight i also it's worth saying.

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