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Per number four and back to the line now just two laps to go to complete stage number one points on the line on the inside kurt busch on the outside chase elliott not the move his daniels juarez juarez it's up to the farc spot where i have show for martin treu ex junior true accede turned getting the boot from behind by michael mcdowell lowline trying to slide fear would proceed here comes the outside lie led by eric jones good moment on there for jones until kurt busch slides across his nose blocks the advance stenhouse who rubble out of the pocket echo after chose for second round of the inside of the race track or ricky stenhouse junior up to second therefore euwide prefer swore as the inside of alex mixes wellheeled off turned number four one the go to wrap up stage number one joe in lugano made an unscheduled stop contact over cracked with kyle larson he had to come in while pit road was closed the field storms back off it a third one front three r knows that three wide factor about fifty 13th position kurt busch by a karlic then ricky stenhouse tumour back to ryan blaming three wide five roze de for about forth on back kurt busch continues to leave the way stenhouse the blaney stenhouse sideways to the car for cars jones's so as far as well barbara also jimmy johnson isn't ball other cars be get a crash and collide tie dillon trevor bayne everybody can jammed up through entering three byron kyle larson a couple of the other cars involved that came to arrest here in turn four along with jimmy johnson is like a lot of damage to the front of that car all right the caution flag is flying for the third time so is the green checkered flag kurt busch will pick up this stage win followed across the line.

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