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The fuck is and then. Obviously by the second showing you tell gun wrapping chicano rock. I'll be honest with you. I don't give a fuck if i started it or not. Some chicano rap sucks most of chicano rap. Sucks to me of course europe to me. I'm glad you're saying it as your words carry weight on that talking about it. Well i hate to like be the one like. I'm always humble. I'm going to be real honest on your your show because you're you've got a very popular show. Thank you brother. Thank you and and upset a lot of things a lot of other shows. So i figure. I'm going to be very transparent with you so with you. I will say a lot of times. I've been on interviews and said yeah. They cou cou but i'll be honest with you. Large wraps fucking sucks man. That's just sucks. I won't sit here and say names to start beefs rummell but i will say that a lot of that shit suck and i think okay me and guys like royal guys like night owl In a couple of other guys shadow little one area would allow them awesome. Diego cats you know that i love and respect we will agree in. We had a lot of distinctive. You said the cats you're talking about don't suck they don't they. Don't look right but he got god man. I i like if you type in ghana wrap and those names aren't coming up. That's the problem shadow. Little one nine royalty now royalty are all the la cats none of them Even tokar right all them. They don't come on all these little bullshit was never fucking heard about switching gears here a little bit. I'll tell you another guy that i heard about it in two thousand five and let me tell you something everybody would in. The harbor area was bragging about production. You may hurt em seven. Oh might have. That's being sarcastic. Or look i'm gonna give seven his flowers right to thank you. I've heard it's fucking production. To i know i know when i've heard why geez first album. Some of those fucking beach were stolen from him. Oh absolutely okay. We talked about that. That's my boy. Health records all by the way are not even mentioned it but i represent of records. Now i'm not gonna represent anybody else moves forward. Because i'm retired and we we do music now because we love it. We're not trying to make to make money right. We're trying to give it to y'all think of sitting right behind seven seven seven one of the most talented producers in the connell era. Tony i would give tony g top spot. Of course our give seven top three. I don't even know who i am to. Because i don't even know who i would. Okay oh maybe for up there too but does everybody. I wouldn't consider frederick like gun chicano. Yeah i would give seven the top two spot. I don't work that now. And julio g to course course who jason you want your mother you to be very hard to top five right now..

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