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Autism has no place here and Trumpism will be defeated all across the United States of America because we're better than that. Republican front runner Larry Elder has held substantially quieter events, but says California is ready for radical change. Alex Stone, ABC NEWS, LOS Angeles The president Was also in California to serve a wildfire damage. Ignore the reality. That these wire fire wildfires are being supercharged by climate change the calendar fire near Lake Tahoe, the biggest concern Secretary of state, Antony Blinken, called grilled by lawmakers in Washington all the U. S troop withdrawal in Afghanistan and the Taliban takeover. And appointed shifting any part of the strategy when it was very apparent that this strategy of unconditional retreat was failing, and it was failing over a month before the fall of Kabul, you're listening to ABC News. Arizona's news station. Use station, Haiti Our on air 92 3 FM online at K t a r dot com and streaming Live on the K to our news app. You're breaking news and traffic now. It's 10 02 Good Monday evening. I'm John Roller, a judge expected to determine before September 29th if Mask mandates in Arizona schools are allowed or not comes after the judge heard arguments today in a case that challenges Arizona span on school, mass mandates and several other provisions included in the state budget. The attorney for the plaintiffs, Rupali decide argues account provision must relate. The budget reconciliation they do not. And for that reason, she says, they should not have been part of the state budget. The attorney for the defense Patrick Irvine, rejects that whether something is necessary to be in a budget reconciliation bill is something that the courts should defer to the Legislature on Griselda City. No Katie Our News, the University of Arizona tonight, reporting many fewer cases of covid on campus that it did same time last year when they were recording an average of two. 100 new cases daily. At the test positivity rate was over 15% On Friday, the campus reported 33 cases and the positivity rate of just 1.7%.

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