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You get it the Associated Press in the N. O. R. C. center for public affairs research says of the people they surveyed recently only about half of them said yes twenty percent said they would not get vaccinated of the thirty one percent not sure today could be the day the U. S. reaches one hundred thousand deaths blamed on the virus as the economy starts up again travel still in the doldrums Wall Street journal reports Amtrak preparing to cut twenty percent of its work force expected ridership will only be about half of the pre outbreak levels by twenty twenty one the house will allow some lawmakers to do something this week that's never happened in Congress before more than four dozen Democrats have requested a fellow lawmaker serve as a proxy for votes this week two weeks ago it invited house approved a standing order giving lawmakers the option to vote remotely for a limited amount of time to do the corona virus pandemic representatives in districts close to DC like Virginia's don Byron Maryland Jamie Raskin have agreed to hold proxy votes for colleagues Republican leaders opposed the plan arguing if millions of a central American workers can show up so can Congress Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell also raised constitutional concerns Jared Halpern fox news there's a new warning about pets and houseplants Katie Wagner in Wisconsin is heartbroken after her French bulldog Willie died from eating a saga palm it's a cheap plant you see for sale a plenty of stores she had no idea it was deadly until really got into that plant the ASPCA has a website told to prevent this sort of tragedy do a search for a S. PCA dot org and poisonous plants there you'll find a list of hundreds upon hundreds of plants dangerous to animals everything from African violets Disini as chill NATO fox news Jack.

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