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The tail that they have on the different decided the ball ogle tree this defense is only going to continue to get better and get better and you know wade phillips jimmy johnson those who the defense of coordinators that we absolutely hated going up against because you go through your third down percentages in you're looking at blitz packages and then you would give to sheet that we would call one timers which was a blitz that weather last season that this season or in his previous time that they ran one time that they were effective on just out of the blue that try to hit you with something different there'd be like a list of forty five of them that you'd have to go back and watch because if you were prepared and all the sunday dolled up this one time blitz i mean it could be the difference between winning and losing a came right they're on one play after humor humor to have to go back and he would walk to all these the personnel did they stem the safety down did they do with the linebackers was it a shark on the outside like there was so many different things that you had to be prepared for on third down instead of just thinking okay they bring a inside mike will cross dogleg you know the basic stuff we phillips is able to get the best in the maximized the player when you're playing on the sunday do you have instant recall i mean i can i mean still right now i could tell you plays from third down a no six that i mean that's just how you are as a football player that's where they do what if wade phillips do we brought encounter bar when a veteran reform linebacker to help bring and implement the system for the players that one in a three four system and now another thriving on very similar in nature to what directs did when he initially came here from near evans to the jazz where he broke guys that.

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