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On the fives jr weather center not too bad over the next couple of days overcast been mixing with sunshine with kind of mixed it up already today and i think that trend will continue into the afternoon a breeze and forty two tonight cloudy twentyseven still fairly breezy wednesday clouds give way to some sunshine breezy and chilly fortythree from the weather channel i'm meteorologist ray stagich on news talk seven sixty wjr the frank beckmann show news talk seven sixty wjr speaking of golf as we were a moment ago the pga tour has their wgc matchplay championship as we mentioned it's an austin texas this week they also have a an alternate event that is being played it's the pga tour corrales punta cana resort and club championship that's going on this week and it will include he got a sponsor's exemption for this former dallas cowboys quarterback tony romo we'll see if he can do to steph curry played i think it was last year in a web dot com event golfers shot our standards yeah okay not they don't even they're very good well they're no frank beckmann but they're good golfers please romo's a plus point the zero point three so that's pretty good that's on the other side is drag and steph curry's something very similar he shot seventy four both rounds of the tournament he played in last year and that's very good seventy four you go will you shooting sixty eight yeah but for somebody who doesn't do that for a living go out and shoot seventy four event that setup for pga tournament that's really good by the way you can pick tony romo draft kings they just get the are you gonna take him my sunset via text you can get it for sixty six hundred dollars which i think is the lowest possible value for a player of course not matt taking i want to get back to my phone callers though because people waiting on the line james into come see on the frank beckmann show hey there morning mr.

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