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I give them. I want to give them high chance. I think they have the second best chance to the second or first best chance to win that. Nfc west division. But right now it's just too too too early to say the bears on the other hand man that was ugly and we knew we knew what was going to happen with. Any dalton led bears team. We just knew we knew how that was gonna turn out and it's really gained to a were matinees disrespecting the nfl. He's disrespecting the nfl by now. Playing the quarterback that gives your team a better chance to win. Now i understand. You made this promise to andy dalton understand the offensive line is really depleted now with the injuries to jason peters and then larry boreham. You're on your third string left tackle. You don't want us in fields running for his life against aaron donald but how about just teasing over bears fan with a few places. Hasn't field scored a touchdown. In this game he's rushing touchdown through repass through one pass through great pass on a on a little tenured hitch route to decide on was a strong throw. Had a lot of zip on it. Got the ball out quick very quick release. That was it it was that carry it was touchdown and then a completed pass and that was it in every i just have to imagine everyone in that locker room thinking they know who the guys they knew who the better guys in the worst part about his any didn't play that bat. It's just how limited the offense was ended on. Here's some stats. any golden. Do not complete one pass over ten yards down the field not one. Not only that allen robinson. The bears best receiver didn't run one route ten yards down. The field didn't run. He didn't wanna run run. One route ten yards down the field. That was a tongue-twister. I it's just it's gain to a point where we knows is coming. And i just don't understand the point of prolong the inevitable. And i've been saying that for a while now but it's truly getting to laughable standard to a point where you could lose the locker rooms you keep this going on too long now. I am somewhat of a fan of lenny. Andy dolan play against his old team. The bengals where he played against for awhile or played for for awhile understand that. But let's have one thing clear. If the the bears trillion half is coming in or justin fields. Coming into start that game. I really do and i don't. I'm really not sure if they're gonna be down in the half. I think the offense is gonna play better. I think the defense has to play better but it will be very very interesting to see what the leash is like. And i'm sure we'll still have. Some gimmicky plays packages four justin fields. But i just don't understand giving that little of a taste of justin fields in me. Not even letting him do performance some of the two minute drills situations that they were able to do when the game was out of hand so many things just didn't make sense to me. Now here's the thing i love. I'm i'm higher on the bears offense of weapons. And i think most people are on robinson is very good top. Ten white up d'arno mooney stores untapped potential as a deep threat because he hasn't had a quarterback that can give him the ball consistently down the field but he's good coke met looked good. Jimmy graham is still a lot of good football left david. Montgomery i think is a top five back in the league when it's all said and done at the end of the year. I truly think that if not top five top ten he was a top five guys. In total yards from scrimmage last year. He looks faster this year. He's quick he's strong. He's hard to tackle allusive even with the bat offensive line. he's still able to produce. And i think he's going to have another thousand yards season this year just from the signs and we saw against a solid rams front but the bigger concern for chicago might be this defense in that secondary. It truly might because boy was that a brutal game. For eddie jackson and the safety. I mean you had miss communications. Big plays giving up being given up downfield. Jalen johnson's really. The only guy that secondary that i think any bears fans have any trust in right. Now i saw there was a playroom. Rokon roquan smith was kind of patrolling the middle of the field Time was running a sort of corner. Route to the sideline roquan smith was chasing him but he was clearly frustrated that there was no help overtop and he was just like. Where are you guys. Wear the safety. So i do expect that. That's secondary to play better. I suspect eddie. Jackson I just don't refuse to believe that. He's fallen off this much. But that might be the bigger concern for bears fans and overall the rams are way better team right now the bears. But it's a long season with all these teams with all these reactions team speak. It's all about peaking at the right times. We saw that with the buccaneers last year. So teams can look completely different in week. One they do by week eight. Bye week ten by week..

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