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On the air. Peter King joins join us in the last hour And he's the one who spoke to Tom Brady after the Saturday night one and done loss to the titans and he surmised from Brady that night that Brady wants to keep playing and then brady on his instagram account. Today comes out and says I'm a man in the arena. And that's where you're gonNA find me so on and so forth and Brady's told Peter King that he will hope to keep playing with the Patriots if not whole explore other options. So that's the conversation with Peter. How long can join us? Top of hour number three so He's gotTa Bust in Canton where Brady's headed can't we T- what how he's thoughts on all that and of course course how he will have quite the day on Sunday He and the rest of the Fox crew will be leading up to kick off of the seahawks packers. You know it's pretty amazing using Is You take a look at the combined. Career playoff starts of the quarterbacks remaining in in the playoffs I love doing again. The chiefs are the only repeat customers in the final eight from last year to this this year everybody else. Seven eighths of the final eight are newbies compared to last year. Obviously Aaron Rodgers. Seattle in Russell Wilson. I have been through this Rodeo before. And that's the game where pretty much the entirety. The lion share of the career. Previous playoff starts are jammed in that game. Aaron Rodgers has is the dean having started seventeen playoff games coming into Sunday Russell. Russell Wilson Fourteen put them together. That's thirty one. Career playoff starts after that. It's quite the Lulu. It's quite the drop off the next. Most seasoned quarterback duo in a playoff game. This weekend is Texans chiefs so long in the Tooth Shawn Watson to career playoffs star. He's one and one. Patrick Mahomes to career playoff starts. He's won on four total and then Titans Ravens. Vikings Forty niners to Total Ryan. Tannehill coming off his first career playoff start and then Lamar Jackson was one and done in his rookie season last year. Two and then kirk cousins coming off of his second career playoff start taking on James G. Zero Career Playoff Starts James. G Does have three three career playoff snaps they all came in the deflate gate. AFC championship blowout at the end. For did I think he's the one who victory formation Bright Brady was long gone air pump or the pin them. Sorry take deflator later by the way. Can you believe all of that was a real thing no no really report and lawsuits. No and there was a guy that poor Guy Prescott guy was nicknamed the Deli. Check this guy who was nicknamed deflator because he lost lost a ton away. Oh my gosh. All of that as a real thing that was like leading the six o'clock national news. Oh Gosh I I know thank God we have to deal that the five years ago five years ago right was when we first. It was our first playoffs that we covered the of the show the first super. Yeah Yeah Yeah. The two thousand fifteen season twenty sixteen now fourteen fifteen fourteen and fifteen oh my God deflate gate who Carson Palmer is GonNa join US shortly you know what I want to ask him about Janus US perfect guy because James through thirty picks in his first year in the system thirty touchdowns two and fifty one hundred yards Carson through twenty two interceptions career high in his first year in the in the Aaron System in Arizona two years later they were in the NFC championship game together. And I'll tell you what man he would know better than most James's cut out for it or what areas might be thinking and and then of course we'll ask him about our poll question as well. That's coming up here in this hour. How Long Stephen Dorf the actor from true detective? Three most recently in the new talk show deputy. He plays a former deputy. That's now Los Angeles. Sheriff take a call before we get to your Your news update okay. Christopher Christopher. Let's go to Dan in Ohio hanging on for a while. What's up Dan? Thanks for taking my call you guys in. We should appreciate it thank you. I have a question for you. Rich Die Hard Cleveland Browns Fan. What is it GonNa take for the NFL? Roger Goodell to get involved and make an owner solid team. Talk you're sitting. You're sitting there the Knicks Fan with dawn as owner. You can't tell me if Adam silver wouldn't get involved with the NBA would not be a better off place with a new ownership. It'll never happen then. I mean I'd love for the NBA to pass a rule saying that any owner that shows up to a game came in a schmucky scarf. Schmucky hat may no longer own the team. I'd love for that to happen. But it's not going to happen and you know so visit okay. Dan Thirty two million dollar houses billion dollar houses. Let's say you're one of the owners on paying my mortgage but my grasses asses growing windows are broken. You're not gonna get together and make me sell my house. 'cause it's lowering the value of everybody else's. I don't think it's lowering the value of anybody else's also Dan. I'll tell you what though if my neighbor had a dreadful lawn and the dreadful house right next door to my house and the The issue wasn't my value of my house. Because I know that's going to go up. The issue was do I get to wins every year. For having the Best House on the street I will make sure that that My next door neighbor's house is law. Never gets cut and never gets a fresh coat of paint. That's the problem and you just got to get. This is what has to happen man. You GotTa Get lucky that at some point the hassles are gonna go ahead and actually hire the right person for the job and that they strike fire fire they catch fire where the draft choice. And that Mayfield could be that guy. I appreciate the call I mean that's it. That's the only way out look if the NBA didn't get involved in Donald Sterling until he said all those horrible things that were caught on recordings. Nobody's ever going to force a team to be sold all because their owner is incompetent trying to put a championship structure together. But it's a nice try though. Do you think the NBA could would pass a rule that you cannot own a team and also have a Schwanke jazz band. What if it's just a regular jazzman? That's fine but if it's Schmucky I'm sorry can't have it out you get your news update over there. Christopher yeah yeah all right. Let's get an IT's brought to you by as always our friends at Honda the HR V. in particular stupendous stylish available with the all wheel drive the HIV is ready to team up your next adventure so hurry into your local Honda dealer today with a report of the day's news from the world world of sports and entertainment someone who is not a journalist or news man by any definition of the word whatsoever which Chris brought by I just a few things today Wednesday midweek care division around weekend coming up Cowboys tweeted out a few minutes ago. Kellen Moore we talked about this yesterday. Expected acted to return to the team as offensive coordinator though. We all expect Mike McCarthy to handle the in game play calling duties. It's going to be at least a couple of years before people start putting the pressure on him to give playcalling. Would you have done that if you were Kellen. Moore would you return. You're the you're the offense coordinator the Dallas cowboys. Your what is he even. How old is he thirty two? It's not even like you can be the offensive coordinator of the Dallas Cowboys. Albouy sit in meetings ruined thirty one now. Okay with Mike McCarthy. I don't know if he has a family if he does. He has a wife and children. They have any kids. Have One okay and if that kid. I'd love where that kid going to school. And if the Moore's Love Live and where they live don and you get to sit there and so what McCarthy does so by say you win a championship there with McCarthy and everybody there suddenly. You're the hot coaching candidates for being a head. Coaching job at age. Thirty four. Thirty five eight two point. Oh so long. It's a marathon not a sprint updating. Also something from yesterday. We talked about Key injury to keep an eye on a Ravens Ravens. Titans this weekend. Yes Eddie George on tomorrow's show to go down memory lane on that front Ravens. OC Greg Roman Mark Ingram dealing with a calf injury did not practice actors yesterday. He's day-to-day they're going to really women him this week to keep him fresh for this week. I hope that he's ready to go. He's one of our favorite guests then. He's obviously a huge piece to the puzzle. What a dynamite season he had? What a shame that would be if he's hobbled in any way shape or form and Mike? Del TUFO 's weather report on Friday show is going to be lit. Do we do it when Nick. Swartz is here in Studio Knicks. Coming in. He's fantastic. I think mix word since coming into set the table for the first divisional playoff game his beloved vikings at James G in the forty. Niners if you you don't follow Nick Sports and on social media. Do yourself a favor airing viking game. I know as soon as the as soon as the Vikings one as soon as kyle Rudolph's touchdown catch stood as cold. Chris Brockman sent me texting. We should get mixed Mortenson for next week. I'm proud to say within a half an hour. He's like I'm in Teamwork so but the weather report The reason I bring it up. It's supposed to be particularly inclement inclement and earl. Thomas basically paraphrasing. What the Future Hall of Fame Safety I think he is? That good basically said Patriots shirts didn't want a piece of Derrick. Henry we have a different approach you're tackling is essentially. I definitely.

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