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Larry Sabato this is a setback for trumpet just sent back to the Republicans and it's another feather in the cap for Democrats in this off year they've won three of the four big ones they lost in Mississippi but they won both houses of the Virginia legislature they won Kentucky's governorship and now they reelected the democratic governor in Louisiana governor Edwards campaign mostly on local issues on his record is quite different from some democratic goals he opposes gun restrictions on one of the nation's strictest abortion bans and dismissed the krump impeachment effort as a distraction CBS news update on Tom Foley case CBS news time eleven thirty two this week we witness multiple public hearings as part of the impeachment inquiry into president trump yesterday we heard from Marie Ivanov itch the former American ambassador to Ukraine for more on this KCBS anchors Jeffrey shop and Melissa call Ross spoke to James Taylor university of San Francisco political science professor so what are the main takeaways from Marie of on of itches testimony yesterday thank you Melissa and Jeff for having me I would say the main takeaways are are many that I think we read about it which is an exemplary public service I was thinking she's the typical of your outstanding young person in undergraduate college step process is like me encouraged to pursue public service careers and they do it from undergraduate all the way to the you know get a graduate degree and then embarked on a career and she's done it for thirty years since the Reagan administration working for three presidents and she's just outstanding and I think any young person who had any ambition would look at the way she composed herself and really begin to believe and new possibilities about how you know people can contribute to making the country better she's almost the opposite of this old train we have experiencing the country toward the sort of negative environment and milieu and she sort of restored some of that back yesterday soon as we know president trump but I was attacking her on Twitter during the hearing while she was a testifying which intelligence committee chairman Adam Schiff interrupted the testimony to read that he suggested was witness tampering Nancy Pelosi suggested it was witness tampering but was it really witness tampering or just trumping trump I think trump being trump and from that understanding that being himself Austin crosses lines and he has a difficult boundary of balance of waiting being president and governing versus being a candidate seeking reelection and that's what's happened in Ukraine he's both acting as president and candidate very few people make that point that that's the problem Donald Trump doesn't know the limits of where he with his presidency begins and when his campaign ends he's not stop campaigning since twenty sixteen and that's the unique thing about Donald Trump if he has to give acted more like a congressional leader leading a group of small congressional district with congressional leaders have to run every two years and they never stop running once they're elected they constantly raising money Donald Trump is more like a congressperson then a president in terms of his conduct and so this whole idea of whether or not he's tampering with witnesses yes of new reinvented which was definitely you know giving her testimony Donald Trump was real time tweeting didn't the national media sort of looked at that and it doesn't look good for Donald Trump and the and the weight movie your benefits conducted herself in in the president's you know going on though a Twitter you know you know attack it basically sort of show that she's the one that Americans can look to for a leadership an example and not the president and that's upside down will this matter in the grand scheme of things if he's talking to a certain audience I eat his base I think so I think the the real base here is not the people that already converted he's preaching to the choir we continue to send them red meat and it's not enough Donald Trump has been on the scene for four years and has not expanded his base at all zero and his base is not really his his base is the Reagan Democrats nine million voted for Obama and twelve so they don't belong to him and that's why I Joe Biden communities people would both for on the margins definitely the conservative you know a mid western heartland voter would vote for Joe Biden and that's why he represents an existential threat to Donald Trump and that's why you crane.

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