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NCUA welcome back fastest three hours in media Rush Limbaugh behind me told me I'd be microphone meeting and surpassing all audience expectations every day and time out ahead of the phones this is Ross in Detroit it's great to have you Ross hi good afternoon rush great to speak to your thirty year listener first time caller thank you Sir purpose of my call I think the state of Michigan is an example of what the D. R. DMC's national policies I think what is going on in the state of Michigan and vote by mail I don't think it's the economic destruction I think the long term strategy is legalization of marijuana people won't leave home because there's fear they're going to send out ballots to voters this is the plan to steal the election yeah a lot of people saying that this is an effort to find a way to get mail in balloting and so forth the thing of the thing about this now and I wish I don't have it in front of me because it's from last week or maybe even the week before but it was a story from a specific state where some ballots by mail voting has already occurred and the Republican Party dwarfed the Democratic Party in this in this particular election that featured a huge amount of mail in ballots now these were not just absentees this was an attempted to Maryland because a covert nineteen and that it spawned the Democrats in the state because like pretty much everything else that they do with it changes the way we vote from showing up on election day early voting to non voting by mail to vote by osmosis to vote by Paul units annexing it's going to happen polls are going to count as votes that's one thing that the Democrats are going to be working on that sooner than you can whistle Dixie and I wish I could remember it was it I remember the number twenty four twenty four million twenty four was was was something of a number of ballots but the take away why is that the Republicans had far more participation and it then the Democrats did yeah I just think so much the conventional wisdom like the the latest poll shows Biden leading trump by level I'm sorry folks in no way there is no way I was watching some television show yesterday as I begin the preliminary process is show prep getting ready for the day and some commentators on posers right now it's biting selection to lose so what planet are you people on and I'll tell you is the group's thinkers and the people of conventional wisdom from inside the beltway and the entire Washington establishment who have concluded that trump is just an abject India has been in that everybody seeing it now for example the president say it that he's taking Hydroxycut hardcore you've seen the reaction to that have you not what was your reaction when you saw that trump said he was taking you know because trump is gonna win that hi drugs one point has been he's been used for years successfully by want to people malaria and lupus and that and there are people that want to take it who are being denied it because let's face it what do you want to call it a conspiracy theory or not there are people who believe that Hydroxycut organ works and is not being utilized because there's no money to be made from it because it's already been patented it's already out there twenty Bucks it does there's nobody gonna get rich prescribing it nobody's gonna get rich manufacturing and psalm there's a there's a ongoing effort to disqualify it or impunity so here comes trump saying that he's taking up and this from this reaction of hysteria and so the conventional wisdom crowd the conformist all but Baghdad's another trump just keeps hammering nails into his own coffin they do not see it it's amazing to me we're now in the fourth year of the trump presidency and your five or even six if you want to count when the campaign began and they still trump's opponents still have made no effort to understand how it is that he connects with people thank you M. A. M. M. and why that connection continues to hold and this hydroxyl Clark when episode is a classic example of how the establishment types in the leads are a hundred and eighty degrees out of phase in how people react to trump's saying that he's taking it day thank further evidence he's losing his mind everybody knows it so they see a poll showing by not by eleven they automatically believe it based on what Rush.

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