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It's like oh let you know united front. Let's make sure the kids know that we're all getting along scott and courtney and one have all the kids. There won't o'keefe's scott's coming then. Hey can i bring a million. It's like scotts bringing amelia's it's like okay so it's scott brings amelia and they just kind of have to grin and bear it a little bit. It's just it's hard to imagine that there's anything in common and ends you can give the benefit of the doubt and like. Oh you know. Some young people like get along really well. I think i can have a conversation for hours with any of any age. Absolutely batches me being cocky about myself by being if you were in her shoes. I always wanted to hang out with my parents at their adult party. Yeah same and i did. I always sat around. Throw in my two cents in I think i would. Of course be nervous. Because of who they it's travis barker. It's corny kardashian. Whoa but at the same time. I i think i would be able to hold my own conversation for sure. She could be trying to impress to. You're just not even trying to impress quiet. Yeah like i think a lot of times. Probably that she went and maybe was just quiet. That's how i picture it being and then that turns into it being awkward for having dinner with your significant others guardless of ages. Word like amelia's even after matter yet still awkward exactly amelia. Maybe like not loving the fact that they're going out with courtney they kind of have to do it and i think that was a problem with so fia yen courtney and scott. I think that that was talked about so it might be the same thing here. And i kind of feel like travis barker has no interest in hanging out with nineteen year old right girls. I don't know why just feel like he. He seems like a more mature type. Do how old i mean. He's got daughters at riot close to that age to totally different. Feel like that's got to be kind of hard to Wrap your mind around in in that kind of situation when you actually start to have children that are that age and you have your yours. you know. sin at the at the dinner table with them. But it's i think it's interesting because you wash this past season and you see how scott's been talking about courtney in how why things didn't work with sophia and you're like woolen. How does this work with amelia. And amelia must just be more like. Yeah scott like i understand but i i you know. It's also different now too. Because i think that was sophia. Involved courtney white wasn't really dating anyone. And i mean eunice whatever in and out but you know who eunice and now league so scott at the time it was like corners will always still be number one priority kinda situation. But now courtney is like head over heels in love it like headfirst into this new relationship. She's would travis so it's like amelia. Probably have to worry about that as much because scott's probably little butthurt about it while she's not going to be my dad like now. I'm gonna put all this into this relationship with someone else. Yeah i just think either way. I don't know what these guys are doing. Sometimes like maybe scott and amelia a great relationship. Maybe they do get along by it. Kind of reminds me. I was watching the hills and brody was saying that because in this season he's like not drinking but he's definitely drinking and real life He was like. I want a girl who's like you know to not drink in as a party. Whatever and it's like well when you date all twenty something. You're young twenty something year olds they're probably gonna wanna be out partying if they're not drinking like if they're sober. Maybe not but if they are drinkers they probably want to be out drinking right. So maybe somebody your own age. I don't know or closer to the work who knows yomata say. Who am i to tell anybody what to do there. But i don't know it seems like it's working out for scott. Amelia as of now. Is that a forever thing. Probably not just travis bargain crashing on the other hand. I wanna like it. I do because. I want to support scott but every time i see dislike it just is cringe every time. Yeah look every post like. I'm just like ooh. yeah right it. We know nothing about amelia. So it's like you can't really. I always like trump. i yeah. I mean that's all we've seen and she seems like a very nice girl girl but note. It's no travis lee. Another question that. I feel like i thought when i was looking at her birthday posts for scott what is with celebrities and in this tributes to their significant other. When it's like a photos like slide of a bunch of photos there's always a picture of holding hands not their faces not their bodies like maybe they're in a car. Maybe there at dinner maybe on the couch but it's just of them holding hands to prove it's just like it's just like it is such an bowl of like nobody had such a famous person thing. I don't really see regular people doing that. But i see celebrities doing it all the time. I don't know. I think they always post pictures of them. Holding hands aesthetically pleasing artsy. Pretty hands. i don't know this reminds me. My dad was popping off the other day because he somebody in my family posted like anniversary. Whatever and i think it was my aunt and she posted happy anniversary to her husband and my dad gets on the phone with her and says to her. Why do you gotta do that. Fake as bullshit. Where you you post about happy anniversary. Why can't you just tell them to his face. And i was like. Why are you getting so mad about this. Yeah i'm just so sick of everyone so fake on social media. I was like whoa. You want to call them the different places the podcast and talk about it bro. You seem very passionate about this subject. Scott don't ask him about happy birthday. I was like what i feel like. I've seen you post about mom like what is going on. I don't know some people. Choose to celebrate on social media. It's just when there's tributes like that everyone always has a strong opinion. But the i don't know the hand holding was something that i was just like. What's what's going on here. Why why is everyone posing. Just their hands show that they are intimate. Yeah i guess so. I guess so feeling travis and courtney you have done it there is another somebody else i. I think you could think of any any celebrity that pictures they post. Maybe it's just their way of like it's also their way of putting it out there without an actual picture of their faces but if they're posting happy birthday already cordite the tongue thing. No no no yes. But i'm saying early on. Forget the example. I just used. I'm saying early on. I think a lot of celebrities do that also on their instagram stories. Where it's like you are the dating. Are they not in picture of that of their hands or whose hand is at whose hands. I like it as a confirmation. Yeah yeah well. Just keep that in mind now when you're looking at celebrities posts about tributes for birthdays anniversaries. There's always a hand holding picture. I mentioned in the intro. That i'm wearing some blue light glasses. They are from nectar. They're amazing nectar not only has blue light glasses but they have sunglasses and nectar has been around for nine years. They're headquartered in charleston south carolina. They're all about that east coast lifestyle which we are one hundred percent. Apart of we have firmly decided we are in costa people entered ourselves. They make polarized glasses for real east coast. Folks living real lives. They look great. They're affordable starting at just fifty dollars. I have the i want to say. 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