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In a college basketball winners yesterday you know annoyed purdue notre dame and bradley northern illinois last games today to paula butler illinois state hosting light along oakland hosting you i see maryland at wisconsin your salute these had indiana state and in high school basketball camps say this enough probably because that miles high school but the number eight evanston beat number five su me on fifty six to a thirty eight yesterday it was a cities suburban tournaments also losing yesterday to the suburban team was morgan park here's the interesting thing simmie on an morgan park today will play for the chicago public league final and the nba all star game is today hell out of the chute around of the three point shooting the duncan everything they have that yesterday checking w g and traffic connection of right now the downtown area of state street hubbard lou north of downtown routes forty one at one seventy three still close due to an earlier accident there slowly getting that cleared up after an investigation actually involving a motorcycle rust of the airy express waste always in high wish not seeing any delays on him the forecast from the w gm chicago weather center mostly sunny with a high near forty seven today washington's birthday mostly cloudy windy a high near fifty eight amount tuesday forty percent chance of showers before noon mostly sunny the temperatures getting back up near about sixty two right now thirty nine at o'hara forty five it midway thirty five in lyle forty six along lakefront lake michigan water temperature at thirty six and the parameters rising coach coughlin is first of top of every hour i'm roger better schein chicago's very own seven twenty w gm.

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