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Six pack as Whitney mercilus joins in the loop live from radio Texans linebacker, Whitney mercilus joins us right now. In the twin peaks hotseat, Whitney always good to talk to you. You're a fan favorite. We always enjoy hearing your voice on our show. I appreciate it. Thanks for having me. Hey, guys, man, we're gonna we're gonna hop right into it. Because obviously a lot of good things from this season as a team, but you know, a lot of bad things. I don't want to say bad things, but your role changed significantly this year. And you're asked to do a lot of things that didn't necessarily give you an opportunity to to highlight your skill set just from an individual perspective, how pleased are you with how you were used this year man thing is like as far as because I of course, I want to do exactly what I do best. You're a team guy your team. Saks get stacks. We had you on you were talking about you wanted to try to get another deal. And when GM's just look at just sacks. I would hope that they're sitting down and look more into it. But it's it's not as easy for them to do that. Right. Exactly. Exactly. You know, the thing is you want to show the productivity that you have always had ROY your consistent as far as that goes. But I will do exactly what the team needs to do at the end of the day because I have the versus the versatility to do it. You know, dropping the covers playing off the ball fill in the gaps an through and all that and adjusting in that way. So that type of transition because of course, I dropped into covers a few times not as often as before what that change the where it was a little ill. It was a little bit more than pass had, you know. Well, what about what about your role? You know when you're when you're on the field. You know, obviously you have to do team first off the field. I mean, this is a business. We always hear about it. Is it something that you're like trying to find a happy medium? I mean, have you talked to Brian gain about okay? What exactly are we going to do moving forward? You know what I mean? Well, haven't had these conversations just yet, you know, as far as you know, what is expected of me 'cause. You know, before I had always rushing as you always say, and then, you know, as far as understanding my role changed.

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