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They say, trust us, don't worry. We've got this. We're running the country. Yeah, I think it's exactly right. Look, I think it's evidence of the kind of permanent crisis that we live in and this is a very imperfect and flawed solution to it. One, I think that ultimately is not not the right solution, the solution to having a president who is who, as the author writes is a moral who acts recklessly who acts competently, who acts at times in contradiction with the with our law and the rule of law. The the solution to that problem is not to try to undermine that that that president from the inside through through undemocratic actions as Masha Gessen wrote, you know, somebody who's who's not elected. The answer is to remove that person from office. And so I think I've struggled with this question for a long time. What should people what should people who work inside the administration do? If you're someone like Jim Mattis, you better serve the country by stain and trying to constrain the president, or do you better serve the country by leaving. I think there was a time where you could make the argument and especially for national security positions, you were better serving the country by staying inside. But at this point in time where you see the president under direct assault in a couple of different legal investigations, you see his poll numbers really moving in a way that we haven't seen before where he's down. You know, around thirty six thirty, seven percent. I think that the much more responsible course of action would be for people to come forward in high profile resignations and say, what they've seen on the inside and if one person does it, you might see other people come forward and you might see people that have left the administration like HR McMaster and Gary Cohn who all know how fit this president is, but it said nothing you might see them actually come forward and that might actually make a difference. Absolutely. You know, Morale's Amana, gold has people are being asked to sign NDA's so that they can't speak out afterwards. She said she didn't sign what that other people did meeting. Even if they do agree with this writer, they can't even say anything doesn't sound like small democracy to me, but I wanna play former President Obama on this very point about the New York Times op Ed in that speech that he did on Friday take. The coin that everything will turn out. Okay, because they're people inside the White House who secretly aren't following the president's orders. Bet is not a check. I'm being serious here. That's not how our democracy supposed to work. These people aren't elected. Not countable. They're not doing us a service by actively promoting ninety percent of the crazy stuff that's coming out of this White House and then saying, don't worry, we're preventing the other ten percents Corinne dispersive wants clearly to be seen as a hero and be fitted for their superman cave. But who told who elected this person to run the government and by the way they're like, we're making sure the rich people get their tax cuts, don't worry. Yeah, which is kind of like, yeah, it's, it's, it's tells you exactly where they really are in all of this, but it's it's self serving. They're not a hero at all. What they're trying to do is rewrite history so that it's favorable to them. And I mean, these are the same, the same person, and he talks about other people. The person talks about other people being part of the quote unquote of resistance that stood by the president who who put babies in cages who refused to denounce Neo Nazis who are marching on Charlottesville two year ago who who signed the Muslim ban. And if they truly truly wanted to save this country, I agree with Matt. They should come out in a very public way front of congress in front of the American public and saying, xactly what's going on. But this is completely self survey and it's like I say, covering their behinds. That's all this is about. And you know, tearing a lot of ways. It's actually exacerbating some of Trump's worst, most authoritarian instincts. Now there's talk of purges. There's talk of him going in and trying to use the department of Justice to investigate..

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