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Fun be a subscriber you subscribe to. If you go to Babylon beat dot com slash plans partying the fund that we have throw some money at your screen and you too can send us contests a whole secret society we have going on. Yeah it's very secret. It's elite it's mostly just people commenting I on the article drew you could compete to one of the most elite. If you're first done a Babylon. Okay. So we had we had our subscribers, go to their kids and kind of explain like here's what the batmobiles. It's a news headline Gimme a funny headline and this is what they sent us through them and we can riff on them if we want. Kids Drawn Dad's arms with marker, and it doesn't wash off and now here's marker on his arms. and his armpit smell bad. I love the punch the. Punch at the end of the year when and where it's going this kid is writing it and he's like he's crumpling up the paper. That's not right. Armpits I liked it. They submitted drawing with or a photo I. Did that Oh nice work. Thank you. dust storm causes cow turn into pillar of salt. got. Some kind of biblical. He'd probably learned about it and I wonder how they teach them in school I'm curious to know. That would make the news. Little brother eating legos makes the number of legos go down. He's learning math. There are now three legos whereas there were eighty seven before. Someone's afraid of elephants me their pink elephants. That's. Three years old come on old. That's pretty good for bad. All right four year old said this. The Panda Bear. Wake you up and then the people. Day. Anytime talk about death it's the best. That's why ex-cop was great. Four year old. People but stink but pork butts smells good. There's a kernel there that sounds a kernel of an idea. What does he mean pork but because everything you can buy at the store you get pork, but it's like a like food. Yeah. He's probably sitting there eating. Omega Minute. Wow. Good job for your old a sensed. We'll be watching his career with great interest. I imagine Let's sound racist sounds like the kids Menia. Jones. My I can't I'm sorry. It's the wording it's like broken English, a little bit. But he's for pork.

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