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And weather on the 8s and when it breaks we're going to Dave dill died in the traffic center Good Friday traffic on the beltway was a congested before noon near the legion bridge and it remains slow between Bethesda and Tyson's I two 70 north found heavy much of the way through Frederick county toward I 70 Southbound delays near highest town a crash happened about an hour ago on two 70 south near the truck way station The backup in buoy Maryland on route three O one northbound traffic past the ballpark at governor's bridge road was getting by a crash in one right lane earlier in the hour To the shore for the holiday weekend on 50 eastbound delayed across broad neck from Richie highway to the bay bridge only two lanes open using the eastbound span so far this afternoon No contra flow yet westbound delays on Kent island have dissipated 95 of the Baltimore Washington Parkway slow in numerous stretches D.C. route two 95 southbound heavy to east capital street northbound slow off the 11th street bridge past Pennsylvania avenue It's the remains of a crash ahead Three 95 freeway traffic heavy through southwest no incidents reported In Virginia southbound of the George Washington Parkway slow under one 23 and passed the survey work single file some bailout on one 23 toward the chain bridge 66 westbound heavy and stretches slow us through Centreville eastbound slow into centerville but delays are easing with the ramp to 28 north now open and one broken down cleared out of the way 95 southbound long getaway delays from dumfries through Quantico through Stafford county and into Fredericksburg it will take a while High tolls it affect for solo drivers and the easy pass lanes and easy pass traffic has been backed up for the last several miles toward the south end in garrisonville lots of bailout and route one surprisingly northbound traffic on 95 is not so bad heading to Springfield with less intense delays for a Friday getaway What is slow is northbound three O one near.

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