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That's why she's here Thank you very much for the opportunity to take care of you Thank you Thank you for everything again for me Thank you You are very welcome This week she returned for her surgery and left with a doctor's note to give to her job But if the Supreme Court overturns roe V wade doctor Taylor will have to stop this part of her practice And people like Martha will have to go somewhere else This is NPR news This is listener supported WNYC coming up on morning edition Today's Republican primary for a U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania is a three way race despite the efforts of two well financed candidates David McCormick and mehmet Oz People spent $30 million telling pennsylvanians why the other person was terrible not realizing there could be somebody making a move in their wake and that seems to be Cassie Barnett More on that story later this hour WNYC is supported by optimum business little by little bringing changes to its services to reconnect with clients like working to secure Internet speeds of up to one gig with built in cybersecurity more at 888-493-8460 The Met now on view in America and anthology of fashion traces the evolution of American style through immersive installations in the museum's historical period rooms tickets at met museum dot org An unsolved murder a suburban cul de sac a mess of an investigation I'm Nancy Solomon For two years I've been trying to find out what happened to John and Joyce Sheridan political insiders connected to several former governors A series they're putting out there what happened It murders suicide This was just not the John and Joyce any of us knew Dead end a New Jersey political murder mystery from WNYC studios Listen wherever you get podcasts 59 with sunshine out there this morning increasing clouds at a high of 77 on the gusty side as well Mostly clear tonight in low run 53 so we do cool off and then still gusty tonight tomorrow increasing clouds in a high in the earth 72 Shower chances come back into the picture on Wednesday night and Thursday morning and then on Thursday mostly sunny and 73 and your weekend it's going to be a HOT one Temperatures in the 90s Support for NPR.

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