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Now you just made a point that i wasn't even expecting to goal here but that's kind of the argument i've been making about colin kaepernick in the nfl that this type of thinking is what happens with executives and coaches life they want you to have as close to possible a single focus if we're paying you five ten fifteen million dollars we want you focused on footballer basketball absolutely and it becomes a conflict when you want to venture off and do business or you want to be a movies or to music your focus has to be strictly on your profession and as whatever sports are we're joined barbara chama chance you're playing in the big three league correctness you're on kenyan martin's team tell us about your team can you martin out here in a coach rick mahorn james the flight via ricky law mahorn indian glover's will you look you're like one of the youngest players in islam is i think you're going to have an advantage being that young man i do thirty two uh is something that uh is unfortunate for the oh the players because the at the drive i was able to kinda in obama will any kind of way i wanted um but there's a couple of other younger players that have an advantage over the oh the guys but they have more experience than we do so you guys like cotino mobely in uh cianci billips they have an advantage as well as being the savvy vets that they are i just thirty two years old are you trying to use this big three to get back into the nba i would like to use the big three to to clear up a lot of the misunderstandings of my career throughout the years to be able to shona makistill play at the top level the highest level and that inspiration from god's like kobe bryant michael jordan vince carter allen iverson um how i prepare my game i want to be able to show the world i can still play at a high level still compete in that uh my philanthropy ventures and everything and i'm doing for the community is is just as strong as my passion for the game.

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