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Good evening Stephanie Davis and these are the top stories at nine twenty two a popular restaurant in west in Oakland county has been destroyed by fire firefighters from Lyons township south Lyon and several other departments were called to the lion cantina restaurant early this morning the fire chief says the fire appears to have started in the kitchen area of the restaurant and spread quickly the facility is a total loss the protesters who broke into the US embassy compound in Baghdad have retreated and set up several tents outside where they intended to stay just sitting in dozens of Iraqi Shiite militiamen and their supporters smash the main door and set fire to a reception area and one of the worst attacks on the embassy in recent memory they were angered by deadly airstrikes targeting in Iran backed militia W. W. chain news time nine twenty three the new year will bring new leadership in Livonia mayor elect Maureen Miller bras then takes over as mayor at noon tomorrow she says families will be one focus during her time in our office a big part of you know what we're gonna be doing in the city is making sure that we really are a city that our children want to come home to focusing on building the kind of housing stock the very house will stop yes it's very much to attract a younger families into community process as keeping the city save having a strong school system and setting up a work force development programmer her top three priorities another controversial audio tape allegedly of Warren mayor Jim files the metro times release this audio which they allege is the mayor wondering aloud how often black people call police yes Sir as a package okay right yeah probably sixty percent our in in in to interview with W. WJZ Jordan their faults responds this way no I don't I don't comment on those things I I got reelected with nearly sixty percent of the vote I ran a very positive campaign my opponent tried to do stuff like that and I focused on the positive I'm still focus on the positive no one has ever come forward no person has ever said anything are proved anything so and tell that's the case I'm I'm moving on several tapes have been released in recent years past of what sounds like the mayor disparaging people file to said those tapes are fake and are not him nine twenty fours are time December thirty first nineteen eighty five Rick Nelson killed when fire broke out aboard the private plane that was taking him to a new year's eve performance in.

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