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Sports time. Mike Reiss is here. Talking about the Broncos. Do we have a decision yet? My house. Listeners say it's going to be Mike mon-. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, he certainly seems like he's one of the top two. Now Broncos have a decision to make who should they hire as their next coach their final interview was bears defensive coordinator Vic Fangio yesterday in the Chicago area that was their fifth interview looks like it's come down to Fangio or Steelers offensive line coach, Mike Mullen, check, our Broncos insider, Mike Klis told us earlier this morning. The clock is ticking on the decision. I think they're going to take today to kind of go through these candidates. They may or may not do a second interview. But I think uh decision might come tomorrow Thursday sometime this week will wait to see who that is Packers have settled on their guy. They're going with titans. Offensive coordinator. Matt Lauer floors their next head coach former Texas Tech coach cliff Kingsbury has interviewed with the jets. He'll do the same with the cardinals today. He had joined USC's the Trojans offensive coordinator finally got. Mission to talk to NFL teams may make the jump for the second time in three years. Clemson Tigers are the national champion of college football routing Alabama forty four to sixteen last night at Levi stadium Tigers quarterback freshman. Trevor Lawrence was terrific throwing for three forty seven and three touchdowns as the Tigers. Kept a perfect fifteen in season. Even if we didn't go this way when Nestle Jamie this has been a a team that oh, I'll never forget. These seniors is taking me in and they kind of kind of dragged me along and until I got my feet under me. They're awesome. Awesome. People Alabama was going for back to back titles quarterback to a tongue of a lowest said, it's not the ending. They wanted had a great season. But five words good is not good enough. We didn't finish the way we wanted to finish within the things we needed to do to execute and be successful in this game. What a performance by Clemson though, Justin Ross another true freshman a wide receiver. Six catches one hundred and fifty three yards and a touchdown, man. Oh, man, Clemson is really good nuggets went to Houston and fell to the rockets. One twenty five one thirteen James harden, thirty two points and fourteen assists for Houston for sure I'm you. Oh, boy every position. And so. Guys and make right place. PJ Mason big-time shots in the game. And that kind of opened them up, and then we just executed from their Nicola Yokich. Let Denver with twenty four points, thirteen rebounds and eight assists nuggets on a road. Back to back tonight at Miami avalanche will be at home or rather on the road to take on Winnipeg face off at six sports at fifteen and forty five on KOA, NewsRadio the home of the Broncos buffs and Rockies. Buying a home is an incredible way to accumulate wealth over time, you build equity received tax advantages, you don't even have to worry about increased payments. If you select a fixed rate mortgage, it's also just a feel good milestone that offers a sense of pride and accomplishment. So if it's something that you're looking at doing buying a house in two thousand nineteen you gotta I call the salary based mortgage consultants at American financing right here in Denver, family owned and operated, they've still got low rates despite what the fed did in two thousand eighteen fast closings custom loans and the ability to get qualified buyers into a home for no money. Down. No upfront fees, never any obligations. I mean, really you've got nothing to lose other than your rental agreement. Make the ten minute phone call now, it's fast and easy. Three zero three six nine five seven thousand that's six nine five seven thousand or online. It's American financing dot net. Their Colorado's home for home loans, and the official mortgage consultant of KOA NewsRadio. Tell them that April sent you molest.

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