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Because every Central Bank took a fire hose of liquidity and sprayed it on the tarmac And so it made all assets You could look at the correlation of fine wines or baseball cards or any collectible to the NASDAQ to assets And so we're unwinding this era of free money And so it's not surprising to me that Bitcoin which was ahead gets free money is selling off I do think those correlations will break down or will lessen the moment we find some stability in the market But right now if you're investor you've got a hundred fires to put out Did you over commit to venture Do you have enough liquidity to pay your private equity commitments Oh my goodness I used to be in risk parity That doesn't seem to be working at all anymore And so very few people want to put on new risk in a moment of this kind of tumult And so I think once the tumult stops I think that's a word to molt Once the chaos stops then I think you're going to see the allocators who have been doing all their homework Listen I just went around the country to a bunch of conferences I am wildly convicted that there is infrastructure being put in place to bring lots of capital into the space So again it's surviving this unwind that investors have to manage How do you survive this tumult according to Mike novogratz That's in the crypto space but it's manifest in the equities And that correlation he talks about is in the NASDAQ I want to show you something that has only happened four times in the past decade And that is where you see the NASDAQ falling by 10% in three days wiping out one and a half $1 trillion worth of market value With that in mind Apple collapsed by $225 billion in three days and suddenly the crime is challenged This is a ramco record high on Monday closing in on apples most I suppose valuable title.

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