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Oh jeez for my lists alson chains facelift. That's for sure Pearl jam ten. Metallica kill all plus three Cinderella night songs. That's four and then for five all say fast way self titled nineteen eighty-three. Okay my top five is going to be guns. Roses appetite for destruction David roth even smile pearl jam. Ten s o d. Speak english or die while ace fraley. That's a cheese dispersal well where we could do it episode on motown aaron. Find a way to shoehorn. Ace for in there. Yes indeed so there you go there you have it. Those are our top five. And it's kind of funny because we were talking to our dude. Mickey finn just the other night and we were talking about the debut album of jet boy and he was talking about. You know jeff boys first album didn't really turn out the way i wanted to. In retrospect i had done things differently and he says you know it's really rare just to knock it out of the park on your first album and when we go through this list here today it shows. That's very true statement. You know it's it really is rare for a band to come out and just knock it out of the park on the very first try. It doesn't happen very often. I guess when it does it's special so very cool man. It's neat to see. It broke down like this and it was fun to go through this list and put this together. Yeah i had a good time doing it and Yeah we invite you much. So i think it's. It's all good for an episode. We can even Revisit this and do best second album. Sue because there's a lot of bands on the maybe list and on the no list that if this would have been you know what's the best. Second album's aban. Her came out with a lot of those would have made it onto this list. Yeah so You know in the comments section on the facebook page or wherever Say what you think are the best debut albums and sells world but what we got wrong. What you got right and And you know we'll we'll share it. I liked that. It's always good to see people talk and having the conversation on the facebook page. I liked that a lot so if you want to do that. Give us a like on facebook. Get in on the conversation. Let us know what you is. The greatest debut album of all time checks out on the decimal geek community a group on facebook. Same thing you can get on there all kinds of cool people post all kinds of awesome stuff all the time. You're gonna like that. You want a desperate t-shirt checks out over at click. Tease dot com. That's click tease with a k. And they've got your desk geek gear over there and all kinds of other cool stuff. You're gonna love that website or bunch shirts. Try to make sure one of them is ours. We'd appreciate that a lot if you love us. Leave us a review apple. Podcast pod chaser base book recommendations. We like those two and of course check out all our friends. Over at pantheon. Podcast launch a great rock shows over there Yeah just look up pantheon. Podcasts in check it lbj. Cahoon is in their bunch of our friends. So yeah lots cool stuff going on around here episode. Four forty man creeping up on five hundred to believe leaving and of course rock and pod dot com yet yourself a hotel room. Join us august sixth through the eighth right here in music city usa website. You're gonna find the location. The address the hotel although awesome people that are going to be there podcasts or signing up now. So we're getting a bunch of our friends or come in bunch. Your friends are coming so come hang out and be friends with all of us together. August sixth through the eighth rate year. Nashville tennessee rock and pied come party with us. This summer it's going to be great can be a lot of fun so Ready to wrap this up yup. Let's get on outta here. Hey it's mistress kerry host of the mistress kerry podcast. Right here on the pantheon podcast network. If you love rock music the mistress carry. Podcast is for you. I keep you in touch with the bands that you love introducing. A new band will quickly become your favorites. And i take you backstage and behind the scene so you can meet the people behind. The music road is intact producers engineers and even the people that make the instruments the mistress kerry. Podcast is a rock lifestyle. Podcast because we don't just talk about the music. We talk about the lives that the music is the soundtrack the card the motorcycles tattoos the food. The booze the trips and travel and so much more and it's all unfiltered an uncensored and filled with that boston attitude new full length episodes of the mistress kerry. Podcast come out every wednesday and to keep you up to date on everything going on in music and entertainment if you click subscribe right. Now you'll also get my situation reports every weekday the sit rep tells you everything you need to know in under five minutes for more info on the podcast just head to mistress carey dot com and remember they. Don't call me the baddest bitch in boston for nothing. Oh rally author. I'm looking to get lost in. You're listening to the let it roll. Podcast with nate wilcox high. This is ted gioia. And you're listening to the let it roll. Podcast with nick wilcox louison. You're listening to the let it roll. Podcast with nate wilcox eugene s robinson lead singer for ox. Bow and. guess. What i've been invited by the master ceremonies kid nate onto let it roll podcast. Keep listening i. This is alanna. Nash and i may offer dali the housing. And you're listening to the lead role cod cast. Linate mill cox lord. You're listening to this. Podcast with wilcox high decision. And you're listening to let it roll. Podcast with nate wilcox. This is james kaplan. And you're listening to the let it roll. Podcast with nate wilcox. Hey everybody this. Is chris swain. And you are listening to let it roll with host nate. Wilcox hi this is shelley. Sorenson the rock and roll librarian. And you're listening to let it roll. Podcast with nate wilcox..

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