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The epicenter of the theater world tell us fraternity taking a show no chris no amid all the holiday hype and wintry jingling i found myself craving the visceral the intimate the illicit truth theater unstained by celebrity or professionalism no i sought the purity of the subways where the city's most audacious artists forcibly entertain the masses yes it was fertile ground chris and also second would you like to share my discoveries journey began hatton bound train rows by those first bars of la bamba echoing hidden from the chile york street platform i watched mute astonishment as a singing cowboy and his impossibly tiny horse hopped aboard the diminutive pony buckton reared imperfect time with the cowpox enchanting rendition as i stared the truth finally struck my weary brave this miniature ski was but a concoction of cardboard and fabric the rider's legs which dangled so lifelike over the flanks of the tiny oars were in fact nothing more than stuffed jeans terminating an empty child's boots my belated grasp of the ingenious mechanism did nothing diminish the charm of this rustic trump roy as our train slow to its next stop the subterranean vicaro accepted our applause and donations before galloping out toward the next car my seek mates i remain dispel entwined fating moment of fragile shared humanity by an unnamed strangers he hatrick brilliance sounds amazing so it's december generally a pretty safe bet for fans of mobile theater necessarily chris no.

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