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I feel like I feel like I feel like looking into the twilight loan. It's just there's one thing I find out last night from Boston's awesome awesome. All Right Mr. You can't find me. I don't know I'm destined secret bunker of and all of a sudden now he's he's like Donald Trump twit tweets every morning joined the Dr Frank Man they do it up so he he starts it. And what's the first thing he does he gets band. I was in twit low for about two three weeks to do just being area areas. Yeah yeah go explain it to me. I didn't know I got banned already. CRAP suspended it. Yeah but only joined in October. That's Kenneth W Royce number one is account and does Kenneth Royce and if w Royce one one all one word. Yeah Kenneth W Royce One R. O. Y. C. One initial the number. The number. One number. One okay number one. So Kenneth W Royce so you go on and you know your Boston or what. It says Kenneth Royce Boston Tea Party with a flag between the names. See I know that your later years decades later I find out you. You had a name Kenneth Royce and I'm going I know that's your real name is it no. We don't know it's the cans. Oh we don't care just Boston. I'll go crap independence tweet I have is about modules. Three still being blocked on Amazon five star Star reviews on Amazon and it's been currently unavailable for months. Now you're modules a man hitting the third one the third one by by that you know you got a copy with I. Don't but I'll make an all right. Yeah I got yeah. They're up there modules manhood out there so it's still the three what the hell is big giant freaking does that include the others or is it just no no the third of so that was diarrhea. The Japan it's called Logo Ria. That's a badge honor so I gotTa have a copy. Yeah well see the thing. What I I tell you this story so? This is good Boston's at Liber topiary. And he's given a presentation to bunch. These millennials of S J W whatever the hell and he and I were at at lunch or something and I'm going I don't know how this is going to go man. This is going to be entertainment right before my talk. Yeah Yeah it's it's going to be a I'll be there. I WANNA see this. He went up he goes God. God you know women need some like real men. What the hell slaps them around? So you got a couple ask Jay. WN whatever the hell hold and it was so bursten just beat the crap out of them at the end of it standing. Oh Reload Austin right on going. Okay you win man. They've never heard message out. It'd be a man. Most of them there was little summit up real quick for the audience. What you're kind of skip to the end thing is in my view and historically men have been walking solutions men know how to cope with life? Men protect providing procreate. That's a man. And if you're not doing that or can't do that if you have to rely I on other men for your survival to get through in life by life you're not a man yet your mail but that's it okay. There was a mean that I saw all recently. I had a big impact on me and it said men defend and protect women not because they're weak but because they're important right exactly and and I'm just like Whoa that's what they do not day them though they who's they Ernie I don't know man but they don't WanNa leave me alone. Tell you that I don't mean to interrupt with is movie dark waters you should see. I'm surprised to got made the very end of the movie. He said it took an uneducated farmer to tell me what what that it's our power we have to take it into our own hands to protect ourselves because the system isn't going to do it and people who believe the system are going to do it. arps arps object to a lie that was in a mainstream well semi mainstream movie. I'm really surprised. Great movie make sure you watch a dark waters all right. Where are you watching it? I saw it hearkens it was only at the artsy theater but it was very earthy really. Well done very entertaining and very individualistic Listrik. Okay Kit in your own hands. Well why why do they even have. I haven't heard about won't individually produced by the STAR Mark Ruffalo. The Guy who plays Hulk he produced executive produced it and I think he also directed looks like he's in it. He's in it to a great concept about the contamination and yeah and so forth but I know but that message at the end was just a real pie was a boom. It was no one's going to do this for you or what is it about. Why why is there? What's going to pont polluting? The waters with Teflon. And they were saying it wasn't regulated. Because when the regulation came out nineteen fifty-three it was about self regulation of known poisonous substances and when Teflon was first produced. It wasn't known to be poisonous. So it never ever got on the EPA list and he said no never got on my radar. How long it's been out? What is it? It's fantastic really really. Well done really well done very individual pro old style America. Take in your own hands. Do it be a man that relates to what I call Cowboy Ethics Mascot. A bunch of stars in the star-studded deal here had very very well done. You know someone who's lived on his family land for four generation's cattle rancher whatever they don't need to read Andrea Andrea handshake deal. I got this spin on around some time with Ammon Bundy just last month and This occupancy thing is Ernie this you're right you know this guy. He goes really understand understand what he wants he wants to help. He said when you get in this time to show up neal is I'm like all right. So his thing was is. He said the only time you have vinnie interaction with government is when you contract with them and he goes. There is no if you're not in contract with them like you know like they had water rights or some crap like that and then of course they violate the contract and that's what they were doing enforcing the contract and he goes the other one is the only time they have jurisdiction over any kind of thing is when you're violating Laden somebody else's use of their land. You know you're polluting or you're doing your whatever then it's appropriate well. What about pollution? I well when there's somebody's damaged that that's the proper Parola Government Amy and these guys are but that's not the US government to prevent them from being liable right and I'm going so when you get past that when you start to understand. The government is is there to protect the polluters. That's very clear in this movie. That the government's there too it's protecting the pollutant I. I'm with you brother okay. This isn't isn't a theater now yes it is very good all right. Should I wait to watch it for free on whatever or you know. There's a movie to support. It's worth I don I we. We're trying to get to the movies I mean here's a couple of things. I want to go see our busy all the time. And there've been some movie movie your inspirational. Oh Yeah you wanted to watch a silent something. Oh good quiet or recently on. DVD A quiet a place. Emily Blunt and her husband Joan Kaczynski Fantastic Saif Saifi but Near Future Alien invasion all very nasty theory eerie of very good. Yes surprisingly good. Yeah Very. There's gotta go it. Sounds like it's GonNa scare the crap out of me. Indeed Suspense Air. Mi but there's a countermeasure it's the measure it's really interesting. I like that throughout the movie on like. Why don't you think about this way? I'm like why you overwhelm white noise or there's something every strength is inherently inversely weakness. So what is alien. And they don't see but they have really good hearing so the kind of like daredevil they can see with sound like bats wherever they go into taken out humanity and humanity. But that's the site by premise. But what is you know the part about you. He likes so much I mean what. What is it very well done? I like Emily Blunt a lot. I think this is probably some of the best absolutely. But there's a metaphor there to their. The Metaphor is instead of aliens. How `bout drums right? Oh did you catch that to this. SORTA anti-drunk so like what I don't know if they intended that John McCain before he's going Mr John Q.. Public and he goes. Where's guns play into this thing? You know the Elliott Smith put it really. Well he goes the gundy issues. Just Vulcan Mind Meld into how the State sees you know it's not it's not in the gun. Sarab mindset thank. You GotTa think from the future okay. It very very soon if not already drones are patrolling the skies with five mile currently five-mile hurrying capability you. Fire A gun. They can triangulate you in less than three seconds. Okay so I'm not saying bicycles aren't useful. They are but you've got to think from the perspective. The future when.

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