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I'm just asking. Out just tell you. It's weird. That also weird. All right. Get you know, what you could you could get a little doggie eye mask. And then that wouldn't be creepy at all the dog on the bed with the. I don't know what to say 'cause locking them out. Then that's going to be distracting because they're going to bark like crazy. You're just gonna have to deal with it. It's part of your. It's part of it. That's what happens. You know, it it is now for what it is. All right. All right. Thank you. Thank you. All right now. I know I know we're probably almost out of time. But we have something else. We have to talk about things we have to. Thanks. What's thing? One thing. One just real quick. Yeah. Tonight's game of games. Okay. Me game is four favorite people. You'll see up on our goat. Like, a core of people really have very much. You know, my family loves together and watch gaming games together. It's quite the the thousand percent love they route. They like playing the game along they love seeing the answers up on the screen. Tonight's knock them boots drive. Julie bunkers oh. The the game that game makes her crazy people better better answers for so. Games saw a game where you have to name a song that has a certain thing in Ellen describes just one song about love shooting this on Valentine's Day, so Edie as song about love. Please. All you need is love love in the veta-. Love me. Do love love. All right. Just seeing her son. Is higher than a mountain. Love is the Catan wallowed Jason love about name. Just singing it doesn't do anything. You need to have. We don't have the rights to use covers hold on. Like it's going to be in there. Lose your out. Anyway, love is a battlefield method of modern love hall notes. Modern love David Bowie. Love see we've named ten songs, and we're still not done people are so Zandt at this game scare they're flat out panik. These games are designed to make people feel petrified. So so it's not like there's a giant bullseye on their back. Head boot that goes twenty feet of a phone. Talk about our hip primetime show. You don't know. Oh. Now, you have my attention. Now, you've Ed Ed said something today that my wife Julie silvers been waiting to hear for ten years. Fifteen years twenty years, though, just everyone knows the four of us go through pitches for new clothes Ellen merch for the Ellen shot. We look at new t new t shirts, new sweat shirts. Whatever well in the middle of the pack. Ed like, you see the light bulb go off above his head like ever seen perks. It was the same excitement is as when he saw the first Starbucks in Seattle or was it was kind of exciting jaylo walked out. Yeah. Same kind of thing. And what was it? Kevin up. Yup. Back in fashion right now. What let me show you fanny packs. Fanny packs are back you guys. Okay gets up. He goes, but you don't wear where low anymore, so he wear cross your them across your body. So he's describing it and then he stands up any has one here in the office. Purchase got one behind his already super-duper fancy. Ed glavin have the fanny pack tortures me on a daily basis. It's and he has a fanny pack, and and it's like is proud proud about. It showed us how to donate across his chest. It's called a cross body across Bobby. I know it costs more than my whole outfit today. It was like it was a leather like butter Levin. Probably more than my. The house the house, the French fashion house of Maison Margalla. You would understand me alone. I like fashion. I was gonna say is the most fashionable person in this room. Yes. A lot. Yes. Yeah. Fran's best shoes. Yup. Well, I've been trained. Well, yes. Ed's wife. Debbie has fantastic style. And incredible taste and bringing. And the number of lovers. True story, I occasionally call my wifi occasionally, call my agent and say, listen, you better get into my checking account and take your cut for my wife gets it. Lord. Well, this was fun. I know Andy has to get some thick nails removed from his feet. Rep. Joking. I do hate him. We love you winter melon. Subscribe today on apple podcast Spotify or wherever you're listening right now. And don't forget to watch Ellen weekdays for even more Ellen fund.

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