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Pounds uh in the fesci's guy i've seen over two hundred pounds and the the other one is d i two hundred pounds who do you think was faster i i think whoever got the best jump was gonna win coups d on acknowledges bows greatness but dion says now we saw him at the super bowl dionne said he's the fastest over 40 person in the world what did you think asas over 40 person in the world yeah okay um i wouldn't i witten i wouldn't bet against him but i would like to see him and they'll green race yeah you know what dan and i think he acknowledges darrell green uh you know is a guy who could probably still run of a sub four three forty there if you want to uh give us a plug in about these sony playstation before we ah say goodbye far away it it it a lot of fun i i gotta candidate motion capture and voice over uh go into career mode which is pretty awesome that you can choose your own pathway taco everybody talks about path and anna which way they go so you can honestly you know if the team left the move you to a different position you say no your career path takes the the uh a direction and if you say yes it could take a different direction and you could be in the big leagues eu couldn't so it's uh a lot of interesting things that go along with this kind of like you your career pounds could have been football player at ohio state but you turned down an offer to go play baseball not a probably gone to michigan real another winter yeah only.

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