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You laid with a member of a number. Never another race. All these. These weird taboos spring up in seemingly in concert with the parameters of the illness. As we mentioned before, one of the reasons that syphilis the such a captivating topic is because it's so rife for metaphor, you know, be at a metaphor of of morality, a morale, a metaphor of racism, nationalism, sexism, whatever you wanna throw at. It, it seems to conform to that that form rather nicely. Yeah. Now we will get back to Columbus and we're going to try to get to the origins of of syphilis. But before we do, it's just worth it to say that this is syphilis and trying to get to the origins of is really difficult. It's very hard to study very many strain, some of which don't exist anymore. And then you have an dodo claims throughout the centuries. So you can't really pair that with, you know, a systematic approach to say, yes, indeed, this was a case of syphilis. Because again, as we have mentioned before, syphilis is the great imitator. So it's very possible that someone had leprosy and not syphilis. Exactly. And again, that difficult to study note, you can't grow syphilis in a culture. You can't have a little Petri dish of syphilis. Even today we have to study it in rabbits. So right, you have to have it in an actual organism to really get a good idea about it. That being said there have. I've been these pre Columbian theories kicked around in other words, this idea of, hey, could syphilis have existed before the new world previous to the late fourteen hundreds in the old world that's again called the Columbian theory. Yeah, this this theory is is basically that to say that when we have other illnesses, if you look back at some accounts of leprosy, you might say, well, that that kind of leprosy doesn't match up as well with our modern understanding of leprosy. Perhaps that was a different ailment perhaps that was in fact syphilis. Instead, we're just kind of latching onto this easy explanation of Columbus since this groundbreaking expedition takes place just a few years before this major outbreak. But of course the world because it makes sense, right. I mean, the world is more complicated than one ship sailing off and coming back. There are other movements going on in the world. It's a time of great change. People are moving around not only throughout Europe. But you have movements going into into into Asia and Africa. So what? So why not? Why? Why could there not be another route for this illness to take and we'll discuss it will really try to get to the bottom of this. But so when we call when we say pre-columbian, we're talking about old world. When we talk about Colombian, we're talking about new old generally here. Old world is Europe. Old world is is western civilization, new world, the Americas, Columbia, that cetera, right. And if you're gonna talk about a new world, you have to talk about something called yaws in Beijing will. Now these are tropical diseases that are closely related to Trump Nima Polycom, which is, of course, syphilis. Although they are different Basell causes mouth sores and lumps in the bone in y'all's caused skins ores in disfiguring gross on the leg. So of course they're related to syphilis, but they are non venereal, right? They're spread through skin-to-skin contact. They're not they're. They're not. Straight up the near diseases. Granted, you could catch them in skin-to-skin contact during sexual intercourse, but they're not depending on that as their mode of transmission the, yeah, but these are all Trump animal diseases. The euro. These are all close relatives of the subspecies of trumpeting Paladin that causes syphilis and we bring them up because they are important to study. If you're if you're trying to look at where syphilis civilised originated from, then you're going to want to look at y'all's ambassadorial because paleo pathologic Bruce in Christine, Rothschild used that information to point toward a new world. Origin of syphilis may examined six hundred eighty seven skeletons from archaeological sites in the US rigging about ranging in age from four hundred to six thousand years. And what they found is that populations to the south look to have syphilis while those to the north had yaws. And then by contrast the exam. One thousand old world skeletons dating to before contact with a new world, and they found zero cases of syphilis..

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