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I mean there's the for example university california irvine built our unease sports arena that that opened last fall and has already offering scholarships i'm keyarena and seattle's hosting major sports events now they they host manual doda to tournament there that's massive now insist so this is this is as uh david i presented at our recent full fast eastwards real it's here it's massive already on north america's assorted catching up to the rest of the world in this case on and i think if vegas seeing has attracted gamblers for decades on if they can now attract new generation of east sports fans who go to these tournaments in vegas and by the way potentially in the future gamble on these events on that's a whole new audience that vegas can tap into think it's a smart move yes the it'll be interesting to see what this looks like there are a few other arenas like this and it's kinda high end internet cafe so you have some space for every day gamers to come in they can sit down at a gaming station and play uh you can buy food and drinks and things like that and then there's also space to to host tournaments in league so it will just be interesting to see what the the dynamic or the makeup of those different aspects are but it makes a lot of sense to cater to that younger audience and you need to open it up for people who are under twenty one or eighteen or sixteen uh in this case the majority of people who play in watch exports are under the age of thirty five in pretty heavy teenage audience there so as i agree with mad i think this is the tip of the iceberg the company that's kind of behind the development here that's partnering with mgm they expect to open ten or fifteen of these around the us uh in the coming years i think this is their third in the us so a lot more to come here while and if you think about you know to to tony's point if you are win resorts if you're las vegas sans if you're any of these publicly traded casino companies.

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