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And if they're able to do that the sky really is the limit especially if we won't know what home field advantage will look like in this Kobe world but if there's no fans in the stadiums. That home field advantage almost doesn't matter the bye week. Of course, we'll be the all important thing in play here. But if they're not able to get that by week, just getting into the playoffs will definitely be good. Enough Ben Rothlisberger threw three weeks seven hundred, seventy, seven yards lucky number seven's four, number seven. Seven touchdowns a bit of a theme on this one. Thankfully, only one interception and a rating of one hundred and five point two, which would be if the season ended right now the highest of his career back in two thousand seven, he did have a quarterback rating of one hundred, four point one which was his previous career high. And Thirteen years ago, which is hard to believe and. Makes me feel a whole lot older than I really am washing ben throat is entire career and realizing it kicked off in two thousand and four to see words kind of evolved to in twenty twenty. It's been outstanding Ben Rothlisberger. His averages have been pretty crazy too when you when you really break it down when it comes to yardage and you and you look at what he's been able to do through three games and if he can spread it out over the course of the whole year is coming in at forty one, hundred, forty, four yards. If he's putting that up. You'd Better Watch out for the steelers if they're putting up over like close to forty, two, hundred dollars in the passing game, and then this running attack is coming at you nearly two thousand yards. Average. Combined through their entire running back room lookout because the offense would be firing, the defense firing and. you know, Ray Ray Macleod has been dialing it up on kick returns. It's only a matter of time before he breaks one. Yeah. At some exciting stuff when it comes to his passing touchdowns, he's on pace for thirty seven and a third. Round, we'll just round it down to thirty seven. If Ben Flirting with anything in that forty touchdown range, I think people's heads will collectively explode because he's never he's never come close to forty passing touchdowns in a season. I do believe his highest total was thirty four in twenty, eighteen year before. I was also the year of his highest ever passing yardage total five, thousand, one, hundred, and twenty nine yards had Ben Rothlisberger. I would love to see him flirt with those numbers That would be that. would be an exciting exciting season, but we'll see how this year develops. But right now, ben is on pace for some some pretty nice stats also his one interception. Over the course of Sixteen Games It's pretty outstanding when you when you look at ben over the course of his career, if he is only to throw five interceptions, which is kind of what he's kind of projected to do that would be as lowest total Well, two, thousand, ten he missed some games from suspension. He threw five year but I, I believe that was like I to say that was in twelve games potentially even less than that I. I, can't remember the injuries keeping them out of games that year but Ben Rothlisberger if he's only able if you only throws five interceptions, this whole year that completely changes the notion on him his last couple healthy seasons. Twenty eighteen sixteen picks twenty seventeen fourteen picks in two thousand sixteen year, thirteen picks and in two thousand fifteen, he had sixteen picks again, So he's he's been flirting around the teens in recent years but three games in he is on pace for just five really hope he can continue to put that together. Ben Rothlisberger has looked great as receiving course look great. The running backs of La Great this defense at times looked great and I really couldn't be more excited for how the rest of the season will. Unravel The, Tennessee Titans are coming up and it'll be super fun and break that down coming into game week. Be Sure to keep your eye to behind steel curtain, DOT COM, and our entire family of podcast because we will have great breakdown coverage on that throughout the entire week leading up to game day, and we'll always have that great stuff on Game Day as well. So make sure you're also fallen behind steel curtain on all social media platforms to twitter facebook and Instagram, facebook you can just search behind steel curtain and our handle is bt steel curtain on twitter and instagram. So make sure you're checking that out as always I'm your host of the live Mike My name is Michael Back. Deputy editor behind the steel curtain dot com, I will see you guys in the next one..

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