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They might have just taken a good guess because they know the area these guys maybe drive around in okay. I can accept that. So they they find the the truck but then they start walking once the detectives get out there They were already disturbing the scene by looking in the truck. Moving things around. I think they looked under a tarp. Make sure Jeffrey wasn't there. And I understand you know who knows a lot. A lot of people might have done that. You're not thinking about disturbing the senior made. The really are concerned about Jaffrey. And they're looking to see there again. I get it so but the but the thing that I don't that I'm getting at is once. They started to walk with Anthony and then along with John in Jesse all of them in the direction they anthony showed them and the parts They all pick them up and we're carrying them. This is all evidence everybody knows this so again. You know for this person and the people out there. In this area that are directly involved with the case or it inserted them. You gotTA accept this stuff. It is what it is. It's not it's not just going to go away on its own in. It has absolutely nothing to do with the once was lost podcast. This was our first case. We just partnered up up with Nick Conway because of the nature of his APP and the nature of what we were doing. You know it saved saved us from having to develop. Our own APP was perfect. It was perfect marriage. So that's why we got together and the first person that we saw was Jeffrey even though he had already he been missing in happened to be found. We looked at the case. Talk with the family and once we saw all of the discrepancies discrepancies. All of this strangeness. All of the High Strangeness Just Absolute Whacko Opposite What anybody putty would consider to be. Normal activity was done and then after researching as well. We didn't just jump on it. We researched searched. It looked at all. The articles looked at web sluice and a lot of other big time blogs that deal with these cases and it was already there. He was all ready there and it was there for the same reasons that we decided to bring the story to everybody everybody because it had so much intrigue and the chances of this getting reopened with just I feel with the information. That's already ready there. If brought to a higher court in disturbing the scene. They didn't even know if there was a crime. Because adding found Jeffrey but again they did find him. Two months later he was down at the bottom of a ravine laid out on his back splayed out with his arms out and which is very strange position but again I'm not going to speculate on a doctor. Arrhythmia minding being denied. Get into that area. But they didn't find and again any specific foul play a gunshot stabbings Major strangulation anything gruesome anything like that. They didn't find it so again Very strange why we couldn't get these interviews because it really early would've gone a long way. I even explained it in detail to them. Why would be a very good idea to come on do the interview get it out of the way Wasn't there to point. Fingers explained all that we did have questions and then they could explain it. Frank Freight directly from the horse's mouth so to speak coming from their perspective might have cleared up quite a few things. Because a lot of podcasts are are going to be doing this story. There's thousands of true crime podcast. Even I don't like to put us into that category story. Would I call. This is immersive podcasting because we have the relationship with the phone APP and then also directly with people people that would be out there searching looking listening so we have that relationship with the audience to little bit different than how a normal podcast I would operate so anyway so back so we've got that problem of Anthony Go back and listen to that episode and listen to what the girls had to say the condition he was in he wasn't wet even though it had been snowing he said he woke up laying laying on his stomach but yet he was dry. Doesn't make any sense but again there might have been a reason for this. We could have found that out. Unfortunate really is because all that's going to happen is more and more people are gonNA speculate. It's going to get more and more out of control. And until the family only gets all of their information together submits what they need to do and things are really brought under control as far as any additional speculation. Or what may have gone on or what didn't go on whatever Once able to do a deeper dive into this the detectives so I think a lot of things are going to be answered that are going to come to light and make sense and finally kind of makes sense of of some of these things Hopefully why Anthony Never said a word to anybody about Jeffrey being missing why would still dry. What did he do do at that jacket? Why didn't accept really any food or water? Why did he want beer and corn nuts? That's that's usually not the first thing at all you would be craving unless you're possibly coming down from being high for methamphetamines and again I hate to go into that area but it's public info and it's a possibility. The girls brought it up on their own without a poking poking prodding at all that that's kind of how they took the situation that they are familiar with people that are under the influence and so those specific drugs in how they act Especially when they're coming down from those drugs speculated on while maybe that's why he stayed out in the woods for a few additional hours in order to calm down but we don't know we have no idea but that's not not a bad not a bad piece of speculation there unless you're anything different so so then he will call his girlfriend to let her know about what was going on before calling police piece and again you know people do things for different reasons. People can be in shock. That's where are these. These guys don't understand. Actually how objective give I. Am You know once I go into something like this. Everybody's got a different story. Everybody's got a different take And that's really what we what we wanted In order to put context to what's going on because the way that it's written out by detectives word for word and and in the stories and you know as far as the news is concerned and the eye witnesses. It's exactly as we reported it word for word exactly as you heard it and each one of those nodes each one of those talking points that we bring up or what would be considered the be suspicious or out of place or very strange. There's nobody that can say anything different unless they decided into come on and say something different so anyways that's for rat so we're going to kind of just let that rest let the family do what what they need to do and guys you've got to trust me that they know what they're doing. They got a really good grasp on this. They've got all kinds of additional information. You know that people have no idea about dat again. I'll say just raises more questions than the answers to very very strange case here very strange And that's why like I said I found that whole area as far as its density in population and the amount of people that go missing especially that drive off there were two cases just last year driving off the road and into the Unquote River and the people being found in the car still strapped in in the river just doesn't make any sense it's really weird But you know statistically these things do happen so We can't say that those are suspicious. It's just strange and another reason. Why Report on this and other reason why? It's important for us to report on this story because people that live in that area deserve to know what's going the on to hear what law enforcement had to say about this but the family has to say about this and then again I reached out to every other person involved in offered damage. Shot this to come on and explain and talk about this With me just with me and not a single one of them took took that up GotTa be a reason for that. I don't know what it is. I'M NOT GONNA speculate at this point. It doesn't really matter at the moment. The album matters is what the family's doing now. And how the state will look at this this information when it's ready to be Presented so I also WanNa let everybody know that pull up up a pew P. E. W. pull up a pew podcast. We're GONNA get moving on that again. That's the other podcast. We do all kinds of very cool stuff yet. Really really good interviews from people from all different areas but in things that I enjoy like theoretical physics Dealing with existential. It's a central threats. I interviewed Dr Peter. PRY WHO is on the presidential team when it comes to Protecting us in the grid power grid from EMP's or electro magnetic pulses either By person meaning nuclear which would be horrible. Obviously were naturally which is the one that concerns us most because we are way past passed to from a coronal mass ejection and basically what that would do is shut everything down. That's electric folks. Everything that you have that is electric. Would stop working. That means no water. Because you can't pump it pumps work off electricity. You're stuck basically with what so you've got that day that it happens and that said so by the end of the first year ninety percent of the population in the country would be gone on another horrible statistic. But it's factually of run the numbers over and over and over again and I think the reason being conservative there her and the replacement parts we would need for these massive transformers and for these different points across the country you were the power flows in and then it's separated out in out to the Each smaller area. These junctions to you want to call them. That ah are made in China. People already know my thoughts and concerns about that and I laugh. Only because if I'll absurd that is that we would allow China to make those parts that are so crucial to our entire power grid with China being the adversary that they are is beyond me. And all you gotTa do is look to the past. I say and deals and things done through.

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