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Day in east providence we have the entire team. Here we have Jason the Republican how. Are we doing folks Manny. The money man rezendes. I everybody and I'm. Josh wells getting you to. And through your, entire retirement today show is amazing it is all about missteps we are gonna talk about how to avoid the missteps. In retirement with you're on your way there you're in there and you're. Trying to get. There you have to grab your. Euclid notepads turn this radio up let, us talk about some missteps let's get it on the table today we are talking about process we're talking about timelines we're talking about. Advisers we're talking about diversification and not always the way you think so diversification doesn't have to be money it can also be people it can be time it can. Be effort you don't talk about timelines you talk about how. Are you going to get through all your Time it is. An amazing process there's. A missteps to be known. Get your you, know pads let's get this show kicked off Josh The one thing that. You've got to remember when it comes to a misstep is it. Can always be something small that you don't realize in the beginning and what happens is it, causes a ripple throughout your entire retirement so as you're going further. And further along into retirement. And enter your day to? Day basis this ripple gets bigger and bigger and that's with that Inc Ziad he comes up to Ono what do I do now why am I not enjoying. Retirement wise is not the way it should. Be and you need a process and assistant. In place to kick you back in lines and that's what. Today's show is about Manny? I think that's exactly what I'm talking about I'm talking, about how do we get everybody to update themselves? How do we get this do l. I don't want to get all computerized us but how. Do we get the software update right Euclid is going to push down an update to the baby boomer's I'm telling you. Be prepared it's going to? Be great because that's the only way to fix these missteps, is, to actually understand where they come from what are the, red flags what are the. Signs prior to actually stepping into, these missteps, Josh when, it. Comes to those updates that we're talking You have to? Have a system the Euclid GPS system guide to planning that's a great actually puts us make. Sure those updates come at the standard times that traditional times at times that a client would actually want them in Needham. So and then with all? That if you are actually following the guide to planning system, with, Euclid you miss a lot of the missteps it Voidable that meeting was talking about earlier and what's, great about the GPS system is is it actually helps us allow you to. Understand are you organized properly another way to say organization is diversification. And the misstep ICS people focused they diversification just on, the market not.

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