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Uh with bill murphy and bill is joining us online now as well bill thanks for for popping on for a little bit poet my pleasure dave and alert you as well nick haibo had to go and fair to good fake were asking all right now i i wanted to have the bill pop on as well because i i know you're always fascinated by the the experiments that are going on out there neck and and bill you definitely been one of the people in the forefront uh testing these theories on tokyo's and what we can do where where are these creatures and beings coming from um and you and i have talked about things like the little girl spirit on the queen mary which we think or at least i i believe is probably more likely a taupo than it is a a spirit of a little girl hanging out on on a ship were there is no records of the death of any children let alone drowning children in the pool um and and that has led to an experiment that you've been doing do you want to give people a bit of information on that sure and a book guy touched upon it earlier when you were speaking of it the philip experiment so we will some local hog that you mention dave in a location that have go floor associated with them but you can't find e d really origin of the story uh the philip experiment is one that has intrigued me for quite a long time and i was interested in how philip could have manifested in the physical space that irish oehlund and the rest of the toronto society of cycle research were in uh because it was behaving like a poltergeist so it was knocking you know the table wrapping and and knocking around so how did that happen physically so i looked like um i really the methods that they use to create fill up and just to elaborate a little bit on what nick said uh it it really had a a tragic ending two phillips story because yes fill up was um in aristocrat um had a a grand to stay but he was married uh too you know there's wife go thea all fictitious and uh uh margo the um the the woman that he had an affair with was then accused of being a witch and.

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